Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Blind Monkey Got a Hold of a Laptop Again.........

What can we say? We present the wit and wisdom of the bonehead "SCARBOROUGH":

AAHAHAHAHAHA ur a goof i hang ou t bathurst and quweeeeeen alll the time never see you fucks there u guys are alllll junkies.get a life, a job and maybe a g/f faggots.

Our educated guess leads us to believe that this is Eric Sheridan, but regardless, wow.

Now, we usually make fun of these abortions of attempted communication ourselves, but we thought instead we would allow our dear readers in on the fun. So, we invite our readers to critique "SCARBOROUGH's" communication skills.


TorontoSHARP said...

Also known as Eric Oi on facebook. Funny his comments about sexuality. They seem a little hostile don't they?'s 2009. And Pride Week is coming up in Toronto in a few days. You don't have to go hide what you do anymore. You don't need to sneak off for a roll in the garbage. Unless that's just your thing. Just remember, no glove no love (and finding one in the trash to use does not count).

Anonymous said...

he's probably just cranky cos his knuckles are sore from dragging on the pavement. Give him a banana and he will revert to a happy monkey.

Anonymous said...

An uneducated monkey is a bitter monkey. He won't be happy until he learns how to spell. Proper grammar may be a stretch for our little chimp, but let's help him take baby steps.

1) AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHHAAHAHAHAHAHA – You really need to need to stop the meth twitching you’re doing on the A and H keys.

2) ur – There are a couple of variations, but since you’re obviously too lazy to learn or figure out how to properly use and spell you’re/your, I’ll explain. “You’re” means “you are.” “Your” means that a noun belongs to you – as in "YOUR nuts have retracted and are causing delusions and you should probably get someone to look at them." “ur” ain’t a word at all, pally.

3) a goof – That’s a noun! (Which, by the way, is a person, place or thing. You can see a video at
Good job on spelling that correctly.

4) i hang ou t bathurst and quweeeeeen – Really now? Do I even need to comment on this tripe? Well, maybe I will just for fun. I’ve heard that “t asthurst and quweeeeeen” is really close to Stupidtown. Then again, I don’t know Toronto very well, so maybe it’s closer to Moronville.

5) alll the time never see you fucks there u guys are alllll junkies.get a life, a job and maybe a g/f faggots. – Oh. My. God. Did he just insinuate that some of us might do drugs, be unemployed, or maybe even be (gasp) queer? THE HORROR. First, McChumperson, have a gander at your shining knights (the Aryan Guard) for examples on what drug and alcohol abusers look like. Second, there are a whole lot of decent (white and non-white) people in Canada who are out of work right now because of fucked up fiscal conservatives (which I reckon you’d be if you knew what the term meant) and their policies. As for queerness, I’d rather not comment beyond saying that you’re not invited to my ladylove, my threesomes or my moresomes. So sorry for you! My sex life is unfettered and full of fun.

Actually, I should stop wasting time parsing this moron's words and insulting monkeys and chimps by likening them and this idiot. Primates may fling poop, but I’m pretty sure they’ve got more reason to do so than this douche bag.