Thursday, February 22, 2018

What Those Who Call Themselves "Patriots" Really Believe

Put on your irony seat belt folks.

When I wrote the article detailing the reaction to the George Stanley acquittal, I used the Facebook group, "Canadians Against the NDP and Liberals (Information & Facts)" as a representative sample of views from the far right in Canada. Since then I have been poking around and perusing the content. A few days ago I came across this:

Well, I don't have to tell you, my dear readers, that the folks who post in this group are self-avowed, proud, patriots! They love the military! They love the anthem and are horrified by the change of a word (which actually is more grammatically correct and aligns with one of the earlier 1909 version, but let's not split hairs)! The love the flag and would fight anyone who would desecrate it! The LOVE Canada and woe to anyone who doesn't love this country as much as they do.... especially those swarthy foreigners who may have emigrated to Canada and may even be second, third, fourth, or fifth generation Canadians, but aren't REAL Canadians like they are!

I mean, the answer is self-evident then.



Yeah, the consensus is the patriots with "Canadians Against the NDP and Liberals (Information & Facts)".

What follows with very little commentary is a representative sample of what kind of "patriots" the folks posting in this group are. I would perhaps recommend reader take a look at Erich Fromm's Escaping Freedom to better understand the mindset of these people. It is a little dated, but much of it still rings true today.

There are a lot of screen shots. Feel free to make yourself a pot of tea before you begin reading:

Hey! There's Colin Oleary, vp of the Storm Alliance trying to
justify the invasion and occupation of Canada should he believe
that invasion be to remove a democratically elected government.

Remember folks, these are patriots.


Though I'm not certain they understand the meaning of the word.

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