Thursday, February 15, 2018

Anti-Muslim Protest Planned For Parliament Hill on February 18; Numbers Attending In Question

For the past one and a half weeks, the Islamophobes ARC keeps an eye on have been promoting an anti-Muslim rally scheduled for February 18 in Ottawa on Parliament Hill being organized by a small group of Chinese-Canadians who continue to feel aggrieved due to what thankfully turned out to be a false crime. For example, middle-age Proud Boy member Robert "Arrested Development" Jones has pushing the event on a number of sites including his own profile:

As he has evidently arrived in Ottawa on Wednesday, it certainly seems clear that he'll be attending as will other members of the Proud Boys (probably many of the usual suspects). Also in attendance will be the Jewish Defence League, likely be some Northern Guard members (particularly locals like Myatt and Massaad), Canadian Combat Coalition members, and a smattering of Threepers. Individuals like Georges Hallak and Ronny Cameron may also make an appearance.

Also showing up are the boys with La Meute, though at first the English-Canada chapter didn't wish to be overtly formally associated with it:

However when the Quebec chapter decided to formally endorse it, the CDN Wolfpack did so as well:

Considering what we know about La Meute's view of "ethnic" Canadians, I can't help but find their support for this initiative spearheaded by a small group of Chinese-Canadians to be a bit opportunistic. I'm certainly not the only one to have noted this to be the case:

CDN Wolfpack leader Bryan Trottier, who posts on Twitter as fyssas'assassin (a reference to the murder of Greek anti-fascist activist Pavlos Fyssas by members of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn.... because Trottier isn't a racist....) took offence to this comment:

Oh yes, CDN Wolfpack leader Bryan Trottier certainly respects Chinese-Canadians and has NEVER acted in a demeaning manner towards members of that community:

It's like the jokes write themselves.

However, while many of the usual assortments of Islamophobes may show up, ARC has no idea what the final number will be.

And neither does La Meute if they are honest:

There's also a strong hint of desperation from Trottier as he begs for members to take an interest in the event:

ARC isn't sure what the numbers will look like, however if the Million Canadian March is to serve as an example, we're perhaps not looking at a significant number at all.

Time will tell.

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