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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Jeff Sharpe Is "Focused" on ARC; ARC Collective Yawns

So looks like there's some tension within the Northern Guard. Accusations of backstabbing, egos, and at least on member of the leadership stepping down today. More on that in a future article as we get more details.

It really has been some time since ARC has even mentioned Jeff Sharpe, founder of both the Canadian Coalition for Responsible Government and the Alberta Citizens Coalition. Last time ARC spoke about him in detail was in relation to some difficulties he was having with Joey Deluca and the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI). Those difficulties were refereed to by Bernard "The Roughneck" Hancock who spoke at the June 3, 2017 event in Edmonton:

Truth be told I had forgotten all about this video, however a little over a week ago I received an update that someone had commented on the video:

One of the trends I've noticed is an increasing number of the "free speech or die" anti-Muslim/anti-immigrant "patriots" covered on ARC are especially intolerant of speech that opposes them personally. They also have no actual understanding of the law and believe that their threats are enough to result in this writer backing down; here's a hint as to how that is going for them:

"Go fuck yourselves with a long, cold, rusty, rebar."

Hmmm, I hope that isn't too subtle.

Anyways as another example, when ARC first started covering the Northern Guard, the following was one of the messages that was received:

These were from Northern Guard founder and president Nick Gallant (I could tell, in part, because of the clarity and precision of his writing). I'll probably make a post about this eventually, though given the shake-up in the Northern Guard related to a very public departure by Eric Brazeau, he likely has other things on his mind at the moment.

Back to Jeff (he confirms his name next), he provides an explanation as to why he believe this little spot in a remote corner of the Internet has dun him wrong:

Ah. Okay then.

Let's deal with the last statement first.

The following was taken from Jeff Sharpe's own Facebook profile yesterday:

As for who gave ARC information that Sharpe and the WCAI were in a dispute at the time of the video was published, I will let ARC's readers determine if that is the case:
I mean, you made a damn VIDEO about it man!



Lying makes baby Jesus cry.

But Jeff wasn't done:

Sigh.... so much dumb to deal with:

Jeff then pulls out what he thinks is the clincher.

Yep, it's not an unhinged loon ranting without at least a mention of George Soros:

As much as I urged him to put more than just his medulla oblongata to work considering the logic of his position, Sharpe wasn't having any of it:

I may be anti-capitalistic, but as a champagne socialist I am comfortable with my hypocrisy. :)

Finally, Jeff began to ponder where the WCAI and ARC were actually in cahoots because of course he would think that. He also drops the "you're evil" accusation that has a tendency to poison the well just a wee bit:

It's at this point I decided just to cut to the chase:

Yeah, for those who don't remember, Joey Deluca's criminal record (at least what has been found thus far) is detailed here.

So far Jeff hasn't replied further.

Jeff at one point wrote that he was, "totally focused" on ARC now.

Well here's looking at you kid. ;)


SW said...

What an unhinged lunatic. Clearly he does not have a lawyer, and will not be bringing this to the courts.

Anonymous said...

Has this white supremacist "christian' zionist group made it on your radar yet? Note that Jeff Sharpe is one of their Edmonton chapter leaders. Wouldn't be surprised if many of the members of this fanatical white wing Islamophobic group are connected to WCAI, YVC, and these variously named "citizen coalition" groups from Alberta, Ontario and Montreal.