Saturday, December 08, 2018

Anti-Migrant Protests: Maxime Bernier No-Shows in Ottawa and Brief Notes on Other Protests

Last month we saw Faith Goldy and roughly 40 alt-right (including ID Canada) supporters hold a protest opposing Canada signing the UN Migration Compact. Today in Ottawa was another anti-migrant rally which also features a whose who of racist and Islamophobic groups including La Meute, Storm Alliance, III% militia, Northern Guard and speakers such as Thomas Quiggin.

Also amongst this group was to have been former Conservative Party of Canada leadership hopeful and now leader of the breakaway PCC Maxime Bernier who has made opposition to immigration and multiculturalism key components of his far-right party's identity:

The bigots who have been profiled on ARC have been drawn to Bernier like a moth to a flame since he left the Conservative Party (which appears to have been pulled even further right in an effort to draw those supporters back) since Bernier left to form the PCC. He seems to be very comfortable associating with these groups:

On the day of the event however, Bernier seems to have conveniently found a scheduling conflict:

His university fan club however did show up:

Justin Ling attended the event and reported as follows:

Looking through the social media pages of the folks covered here, I find the following. First a video by Travis Patron of the neo-fascist Nationalist Party of Canada and accompanying comments:

The Dan Dubois of the Canadian Combat Coalition reposted one of Patron's videos to their group:

Just to get a flavor of what these folks are about for any new readers, these following screen shots should prove instructive:

The Northern Guard and former Proud Boy member Robert Jones chimed in with their thoughtful critique of the Anti-Hate Canada article discussing the events planned for today:

Also, Canadian Combat Coalition supporter, Northern Guard supporter, and QAnon conspiracy nutbar Duke Willis who attended the Ottawa protest and uploaded a video"

It also looks like there are other anti-migrant protests in both Toronto and Calgary, though there appears to be no more than a couple of dozen individuals participating in each; Steven Myatt is involved in the one in Calgary where he now lives and Ron Banerjee is in Toronto.

Here's Banerjee leading a chant to "lock [Trudeau] up":

Here is a brief video of Calgary. Note the Soldiers of Odin are present. The claim that there are over 100 people appears to be exaggerated:

The III% militia in Alberta also commented on the Anti-Hate Canada article, some making not so veiled threats:

The leader of a fringe Alberta separatist party, Dave Bjorkman who was part of the story involving Soldiers of Odin members attending a United Conservative Party event (see here and here) claims to be one of the organizers for an anti-migrant event in Edmonton as well. In the first video Bjorkman suggests that the UCP are involved in the rally as well:


Anonymous said...

Just fyi, the video you mentioned as being in calgary was in edmonton

Unknown said...

I live in Lethbridge AB and apparently there was a "rally" but like 10 people showed up.

Neo Nazi Thomas Trenerry and his trash girlfriend Dara Graham showed up to spread their hate for Islam though.... so that's a thing.