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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Terry Tremaine Criminal Case Update

Man accused of spreading hate online says he needs computer access
Last Updated: Monday, February 25, 2008 1:40 PM CT
CBC News

A Regina man accused of using the internet to promote hatred against Jews wants to get back on the web.

Terry Tremaine, 59, has been charged with wilful promotion of hatred against an identifiable group after allegedly making comments online about Jews.

Terry Tremaine, shown here in 2007, wants to have his case heard in front of a jury.

Tremaine's computer was seized by police last year, but he says he needs online access to research his case.

Tremaine made the request at his first court appearance in Regina on Monday. He appeared before a provincial court judge without a lawyer.

When he was released from custody after being charged in January, Tremaine was ordered to stay off the internet, he said.

On Monday, the judge told Tremaine to work out any new release conditions with Crown prosecutors.

Tremaine also pleaded not guilty to the hate charge and asked to be tried in Court of Queen's Bench by a jury.

Tremaine was at one time a math instructor with the University of Saskatchewan who taught in Melfort.

Outside court, he told reporters that he believes the case is about free speech and that others share his views.

"We'll see how this court case goes, but this is just the beginning of the struggle," he said. "They might be able to silence me, but there are people coming after me who will just simply continue on."

Tremaine's next scheduled court appearance is in two weeks.

It looks as if Tremaine plans on using the trial as a platform for his antisemitic and racist beliefs. We guess he needs access to the Internet for research purposes. Since all of the "evidence" to support his statements have been long discredited, we would actually welcome inclusion of this in the trial as it would, once again, prove legally how bankrupt revisionism, eugenics, and racial "science" really are.

It also appears that, at this point, he plans to act in his own defence. We wonder if this could be even more of a disaster for Tremaine than when he allowed Paul Fromm to act on his behalf during his Human Rights Tribunal hearing. Maybe Doug Christie will take Tremaine on? Simpley speculation on our part.

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