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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Calgary Firebombing Update

We guess that this is as close an official Aryan Guard comment, made by Kyle McKee as “pitbull-A.G.” on Stormfront, about the firebombing of the home of anti-racist activists in Calgary as we’re likely to get:

why should we condemn it we are responsible only for our selfs [sic]  and have our own ideas serounding [sic] these types of things posted on our website! I personaly [sic]  could care less that this has happend [sic]  to some commie but only really feel bad that his kids safty [sic]  was at risk. In my opinion it was probably done by them selfs [sic]  but witch [sic]  ever way it went I don't really care I will keep track of my own actions and only ask that others in the aryan guard do the same!

I suspect that the cops know what the score is and thats [sic]  why we never heard about it untill [sic]  now and that these commies just had to find some one that would listen to there [sic]  BS and one way or the other the papers don't care and just know that "nazis" sell papers and that the police were only looking to give them what they wanted to hear so that they can keep face to the public!

The first part of the statement was made in response to the following comment made by Stormfront poster White Pioneer:

Firebombing both homes? The Aryan Guard should publicly condemn these firebombings.

We noticed that McKee really doesn’t explicitly state that the Aryan Guard had nothing to do with the crime. It might be merely bravado on his part, but the omission is pretty telling.

Let’s assume that the Aryan Guard did have nothing to do with the fire. His reaction to what happened still begs the question of the Aryan Guard’s commitment to the group’s own statement of values:

1. The Aryan Guard completely opposes violence, terrorism and criminal activity…
2. The Aryan Guard acknowledges the right of all people, religions, races and cultures to live free from fear…

If the Aryan Guard membership truly believe their own rhetoric, then shouldn’t the membership actively condemn criminal intimidation such as the firebombing of a home?


Anonymous said...

Is there anymore additional information related to the firebombings? This seems to have been swept under the rugs rather quickly.

Nosferatu200 said...

Nothing new yet. The damage wasn't very severe it seems, though it could have been very bad. I would bet that an investigation has been put on the back burner, which isn't right. Kyle McKee has written that he has spoken to the police about the incident (he was angry that Nazis had been "libelled" in the news) but we don't know if there has been a follow up interview.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry though, them not being caught for this will make them more cocky and they will screw up.Give the Aryan Guard one year and they'll be finished, McKee will be inside prison serving a long sentence for some weapons crime and they'll fold.

I also noticed the Tomas Winnikki profile, perhaps you could do a profile on all the more extreme Nazis in Canada.