Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Aryan Guard and Wildrose Alliance Party Update.

In the interest of fairness we contacted the Wildrose Party of Alberta regarding the claims of the Aryan Guard. To their credit they did reply:

Thank you for your email today. Regarding your question about who we enlist to help with the party campaigns I can answer the following: No we do not actively recruit help from the Aryan [Guard]. This was the first I have heard of such a thing. Further to this, whomever was saying we do not support Human rights commissions is obviously speaking out of turn as there is no such policy and certainly no such prevailing sentiment in the party. I looked on the web and saw the RPO box for Kensington. The candidate for the Kennsington area (calgary mountainview) has not been in town since December 26th so I doubt it was him. He is returning to campaign in the near future. The riding to the south of Kensington (Calgary Buffalo) does not have a candidate as of yet. The area to the north (north hill) has a female candidate so that would rule her out. We take these accusations very seriously and will question all of our Calgary candidates first thing in the morning. Should you wish to discuss this, please call me directly at 403 *** **** which is my cell phone. If you have any other info that would help us in our investigation I would be glad to have it. Kind regards;

John A. Murdoch
Campaign Chair
Wildrose Alliance Party

While most of those who participate in this blog are left of center and would not vote for the Wildrose Alliance Party, we don't wish to see any group unfairly associated with groups such as the Aryan Guard. As such we will take Mr. Murdoch at his word when he says that the Wildrose Alliance does not seek or welcome participation in the party by the extreme right. However, there are still numerous questions and the claims by Kyle McKee and Jason Harley can't be taken lightly.

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Anonymous said...

That was 2008. This is 2012 and it is formal policy of the Wildrose that they will get rid of the Alberta Human Rights Commission. Maybe it wasn't the boneheads who were lying.