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Monday, February 11, 2008

Aryan Guard March and a provincial election

A member of the Aryan Guard (Jason Harley) posting as "harley1488" the following (spelling, punctution, and gramatical errors left as posted):

On the 21st of March, The Aryan Guard will be participating in a march and Rally in the streets of Downtown Calgary. White Pride World Wide (AKA "Harmony Day") day is a day to show the pride that you have for our white race. there will be NO Swastikas, SS, or any Nazi symbols present. only the Celtic Cross flag will be flown. We are encouraging ANYONE who is proud to be white and wants to show it to attend. And of course... this would not be a racial pride rally without the presence of the ARA, and Antifa ("Harmony day" believers). there will be no confrontation started on our part, but we cannot speak for them. this is to be a peacefull rally of support and pride. (if the gays can do it, we sure as hell are going to as well) for more info please PM myself or Pitbull A.G.And without the presence of our close friend and comerade Bill Noble, we are also going to show our support for Bill and others in his situation being imprisoned and persecuted for voicing thier beliefs and concern for our race.Please join us and contact(PM) Pitbull A.G., wpcalgary, or myself harley1488 for more info or ideas.Thank You. A.G.

It appears that they want to sanitize their image. We guess it finally dawned on them that being associated in public with the swastika wasn't helpful in their efforts to being perceived as a family oriented group of political activists. In fact, the Aryan Guard has taken a number of hits in the last few months. There was the sex scandal (with accompanying photographic evidence) involving Aryan Guard founder Kyle McKee and a married woman whom he used to date, all this while his girlfriend Jackie was pregnant with his daughter. Then there was the infighting involving "rippler2k3" who stated his disgust with the behavior of McKee and the people who defended his actions. There's also the incidents involving Thomas Trenerry; his public disputes with B.H., Terry Tremaine, and Stormfront moderator "OdinPatrick" and his various threats that put to rest the myth of the Aryan Guard's commitment to non-violence. The most recent body blow to the gang was the conviction of the intellectual of the group, Bill Noble (and trust when we say that this says more about the lack of intelligence of the other Aryan Guard members than the relative smarts of Noble).

Now, Jason is promoting their march and rally as not intending to cause a confrontation. We cry foul on that based upon their record at previous marches and rallies. We imagine that Jason is correct on one point; there will be people there to confront them.

As a service to those people who will be peacefully confronting this gang, we would like to offer the use of the pictures in this article. The Aryan Guard don't want people to know they are neo-nazis so they won't march with the swastika flags they fly in private? We would like to suggest that those protesting the presence of the Aryan Guard in Calgary to use these images in fliers or posters to remind people exactly what these people stand for. As for not being violent, we would like to direct the readers' attention to the significant and conspicuous display of weapons in the pictures. Finally, to the The Calgary Police Service, we would urge you to examine those involved in the march, especially Kyle McKee and Dallas Price, as many have outstanding warrants and this might be an opportune and convenient time to deal with them.

Dallas Kenneth Price (aka wpcalgary)
Kyle McKee (aka pitbull-A.G.). Note the gun. We imagine
 that this weapon is illegal and that McKee, with his criminal record,
might have to answer a few questions about it.
Jason Harley (aka harley1488)

Jason Harley surrounded by swastika flags.

In another unrelated, but very interesting, post on Stormfront, Jason Harley commented on the upcoming provincial election in Alberta:

We (A.G.) had the privelige of speaking with a representative of the Wildrose Alliance of Alberta, and thier stance on all the issues that concern National Socialists, and was pleasently surprised at their platform. especially at the fact that they were completly against the CHRT/CHRC.He had alot of very interesting things to say and we agreed to assist him in his campaign. signs, flyers, ect. definatly a great party to vote for!!!!!WildRose Alliance Party of Alberta,Your Team, Your Voice!!!!!!We suggest looking into Them.

There you have it. The Aryan Guard has endorsed the Wildrose Alliance Party of Alberta and have agreed to assist them in their campaign. We wonder what other Albertans will think of a major political party in Alberta being endorsed by neo-nazis who are willing to campaign for them? Does the Wildrose Alliance party harbor neo-nazi sympathisers or is Jason talking out of his backside? We believe that the leadership of the Wildrose Alliance Party of Alberta owe the voters of Alberta an explanation.

Earlier, Kyle McKee posted this on Stormfront:

I called up the candidate for my area and had him over to my house for an hour or so to talk with a few of us about there party and if nothing else I think that it is a better ption than any of the other partys running and I asked him about the "canadian human rights" tribunal and he asured me that there party didn't support them and were in fact against the tribunal! They have my vote and I hope that everyone else will see that they have more to offer than most. As far as clean air goes I'm sure that they can be worked with and some sort of a good program could be put in to place!

Is it usual practice for right-wing political candidates with the Wildrose Alliance to break bread with neo-nazis?


nooneknows said...

any word on what time they are planning to march?

Nosferatu200 said...

Not yet.

Anonymous said...

March 21 at 11:30 am at Calgary's City Hall. A bunch of anti-racist activists from around Alberta will be there, but so to will members of the KKK from other parts of Canada. Hold your breath!

Anonymous said...

It's awesome that you guys post pictures of these douches and out them. Keep it up.