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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Iron March Leak: User DEAD Active Military Member, University Student in Vancouver

NOTE: If the screen shots in this article are too small to read, please right click and open in a new tab. You can then size the image appropriately. We will also be pulling data and screen shots from three distinct databases which will account for the stylistic differences of the images posted.

Last month, the gift of a massive leak of the now defunct internet forum Iron March, where Atomwaffen Division was formed, provided researchers with a treasure trove of material. This is the third in a series of articles covering the Iron March data leak. Read the first four articles in our series here:
In addition to our series, Unicorn Riot identified MOONLORD as Boris Mihalovic. Mihailovic is an active member of the Canadian Navy:

This is important to note, as Mihajlovic isn't the only Iron March user with a military background. 

Meet Tony Mckay, AKA "DEAD." 

Mckay wasn't particularly active on Iron March, but his posts included information that was used to confirm the identity of a young man who is studying at Simon Fraser University and who appears to be an active member of the military, as of this year. He also claims to be associated with key members of Atomwaffen Division.

Mckay's profile information on Iron March

Mckay's introduction post (a requirement on Iron March) where he provides his ethnicity and philosophy. Mckay mentions knowing both Odin (Brandon Russell) and Weissewolfe (Devon Arthurs), of Atomwaffen Division in his introductory post, indicating they suggested he join Iron March. 

Mckay, using slurs, discusses his opinions on people of Asian descent, and the benefits of fascism

Needless to say, the military seems to have a problem with Nazis. 

Stay tuned for more Iron March Leaks. 

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