Friday, December 02, 2016

Kevin Goudreau Arrested for Assault

You know who we haven't talked about for a while?

Not Paulie. We talk about him a lot.

No, we're referring to Kevin Goudreau this time or, as we've taken to calling him, the Goudreau.

We've profiled the Goudreau and his misadventures for years on the blog. Mostly because he amuses us, though we don't think he appreciates our brand of subtle humor:

Funny thing is, though he originally posted the above threat years ago, nothing has yet to happen.

It is almost as if, and we don't take make this suggestion concerning the Chairman lightly, that the Goudreau is all talk.

But how could that be when he is, by his own estimation, such a sexxxy beast that all men want to be him and all women want to be with him?

Lately, the Goudreau (like a lot of  "white nationalists" have been celebrating the victory of one Donald J. Trump who, as our readers are all too aware, was elected president on November 8, 2016:

Paul does realize that Bane actually lost in the end, right?


However did that last screen shot of the Goudreau endorsing the Conservative Party get in here?

But speaking of crime, we couldn't help noticing on reviewing the Goudreau's Facebook profile that he has been inactive since November 26. Considering how prodigious a user of social media the Goudreau is, this struck us as odd, though we supposed he could have been temporarily prevented from posting if his access had been suspended for 30 days.

The mystery of his absence however was very soon cleared up though:

But.... we're confused.

Shouldn't the Goudreau's raw animal magnetism have prevented his expulsion? Why didn't the person who kicked him out instead succumb to his overwhelming charisma that, evidently, involves staring at people in an awkward attempt to intimidate them (I guess)? I mean, the Goudreau has often claimed that merely walking into a bar results in people buying his drink as he is such a powerful and important force in Canadian politics and the social scene of wherever he visits?

More shockingly (yes, shocking I say!), this wasn't the only incident in which the Goudreay was kicked out of a bar. Still more shockingly, it wasn't the only time he had been kicked out of a bar that day!!!

Oh my! I have the vapors!

Yeah, Kevin Goudreau is a loudmouth who caused a disruption then assaulted someone doing his job. And because he's Kevin Goudreau and a blithering idiot, he actually went back to the bar where he assaulted the person who kicked him out. Later that night.

Within a few hours. Very few hours in fact.

The same day.

With the many of the people still there who witnessed his first outburst.

And after a police report had been filed.

I'm sure you, our dear readers, can see where we're going with this:
Assault Arrest: On November 26, 2016 at approximately 4:30 p.m. the accused attended a George Street North bar. While there the accused was asked to leave the premises due to his behaviour at which time the accused struck an employee. Police were contacted and attended the establishment.  
As a result of the investigation Kevin Roger Goudreau, 41, of Stewart Street, was arrested and charged with assault and failing to comply with a probation order.  
The accused was held in custody, appeared in Weekend and Statutory Holiday court on November 27, 2016, was remanded in custody and is scheduled to appear again in court later today (Nov. 28).

Really? 4:30 pm, eh?

And he had been kicked out earlier? And had gone to at least two other bars between being kicked out of the first going back?

That's mildly impressive, and though it is a Saturday when many people do have the day off, we're wondering why you weren't out looking for work considering perhaps....

Life is difficult for the Goudreau.


Anonymous said...


Nothing screams white power than bar hopping, showing off NS tats and spewing drunk talk to a bunch of plebs who aren't worth fighting for.

Jerry said...

This guy reminds me of a little rug-dog with a real loud bark. Motherfucker looks like an ostrich too. What a goof