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Saturday, February 13, 2016

More MSM Focus on Far Right in Canada and Reaction to ARC Article

We noted at the end of January that some in the MSM were beginning to pay more attention to the threat posed by right wing extremism in the country.The Maclean's article in question focused specifically on those using social media to post virulently hateful and threatening anti-government and especially anti-Muslim/refugee rhetoric comments, many of which seemed to go beyond legally acceptable free expression. The reaction to the Maclean's article was swift and somewhat hypocritcal:

It seems that the folks who fee threatened by the article would apply different standards to those who disagree with them than they would apply to themselves.

On the one hand, they write this:

On the other? 

We could continue to discuss the irony of their complaints about stifled free speech at length, but we think we will just leave it at this for the time being.

One of the "hapless private Canadian citizens" profiled in the Maclean's article has also signed the petition and has encouraged others to do so as well:


We're guessing that Mr. Witko is the individual who was visited by the RCMP and who's "political views" the petition creator seems to intent on protecting.

Fine. Shall we take a look at some of those political views?

While taking pleasure in children dying certainly qualifies Witko as being a horrible example of humanity, it is likely protected as free expression (which isn't to say that he is also free from well justified condemnation).

These other recent posts, including two posted during the past few days? No, they are actually criminal in nature:

Posted in "Canadians Against Justin Trudeau." 
A few days ago another article was published, this time in the "National Post," that highlighted the potential threats posed by right-wing extremism in Canada:

So far the reaction has been minimal though that might only be because it hasn't been noticed yet. However it was picked up on my one guy:

Our regulars will note that Tyler was one of the regulars on Stormfront and while no longer as active, pops in from time to time.

When members of these extremist social media sites notice stories about them, the reaction is always very interesting. A recent post of ours really caused panic on some of these sites, many of which share members in common. 

Not long after, the administrators of Canadians United 4 Canadians, Canadians Against Justin Trudeau, III% Canada, III% Alberta, WCAI, PEGIDA Canada, Trudeau Is Malignant (yes, we were watching you folks as well), and others were warned to be careful.

We're not quite sure that Tom Sunderland actually
understands constitutional law himself.

In the case of PEGIDA Canada, ARC was never mention as the reason for the warning, but the administrator posted a warning regarding advocating violence as if he or she were surprised it was happening on their group:

Reactions from the other groups, however, explicitly stated us by name.

FYI, this is rather long so our reader may wish to skip it.

Someone asked us why we bothered keeping an eye on these groups.

Well, despite the statements that suggested they would stop allowing inflammatory posts, they are still really easy to find on most of the walls of these extremist groups' Facebook walls:

So yeah, we monitor bigots and hate groups.

And these groups certainly qualify.


Anonymous said...

Let Witko to have his little group to vent. Reposting his personal info is just gonna make him more angry.

Him and the others are soft-little westerners grown up in the first-world for generations. They pose no real threat. They're like little dogs -- all bark, no bite.

Unknown said...

I am utterly appalled and horrified by the level of hatred in this country.