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February 2016 Bits and Bites

So PEGIDA Canada held another rally today without telling anyone. The results were as sad as the previous effort despite the spin they placed on it:


In related news, we're still following the aftermath of our recent article detailing the often violent anti-Muslim/anti-refugee and anti-government rhetoric found on a number of Facebook groups such as PEGIDA Canada. We will be doing a follow-up soon, but we thought we would provide a preview of the reaction from one of the groups we were monitoring until recently, "Trudeau is Malignant":

Oh you are just adorable!

We can't seem to find the group any longer which means they have either shut it down or have figured out which of the 50+ members was our dummy profile. Either way, what was posted there wasn't much different than the bigoted, hateful, and often violent posts found in other groups.

We'll save that all for a later article, but for future reference just because we haven't mentioned you, doesn't mean we aren't aware of you.

In the meantime, let's talk about Paulie's latest adventure:

Worst. Abbey Road. Reenactment. Ever.

Paul Fromm has returned from his latest overseas fundraising venture speaking tour having hit up Barcelona and London. Paulie, in part in reference to the photo above, writes briefly of his purpose:


But things are not so peachy for Paulie. We know that there has been a lot of chatter behind closed doors regarding Paulie's sexual proclivities, some of which have have begun to be spoken about more openly. Also, concerns about Paulie's preoccupation with fundraising and if that money is being used to further the cause of "White Nationalism" is common knowledge at this point. On this thread, someone challenged Paulie directly, compelling a response from the big guy:

Our readers may be interested to learn that Chris Switzer, also known as Chris Edmunds, is (or at least as of November 2014 when the following photo was posted) a member of Max Hynes' Southern Ontario Skinheads:

Left to Right: Max Hynes, Brodie Walsh, Adrien Graves, Chris Edmunds ("Switzer") 
Paulie has had a falling out with Kyle McKee in Calgary. Might he have had a falling out with the SOS folks as well?

That noted, the folks in leadership positions in the movement still have Paulie's back:

The response from "White Nationalists" to Paulie's travels isn't the only problem he's having. As of this writing he is still barred from entering the United States. It also looks as if international travel may become increasingly problematic from this point on:

Turning to other news, if one can refer to anything he does as even newsworthy (honestly, this is more of a "point and laugh" update), we present once again the Goudreau

Lately, the Goudreau has been acting all Goudreauesque once again:

Might we suggest our readers take a look at one of our past articles as a response to this boast?


Aside from creeping out an alleged son who likely wouldn't be on the Goudreau's friend list anyways if he even does exist, pretty much the fare we expect from the Goudreau. Then he posted this:

While we don't speak for anyone in the Canadian KKK, we think that they might be offended. That, and Chris Waters hasn't really been a factor in several years having fallen off our radar a long, long, time ago, which sort of makes sense why the Goudreau is talking smack (he doesn't have to concern himself with backing it up). Of course, he continues his delusional stream of consciousnesses:


Sort of like this, right?

Oh Kevin, you rapscallion!

Finally, another blast from the past. On occasion, we still look up some of the old timers to see if they are still breathing. A few weeks ago we did a wellness check on former Canadian Nazi Party leader John Beattie to see if he was still kicking. Sure enough....


As are many who we follow on the blog, Beattie has taken an interest in the presence of Muslis in the country as well as the refugee crisis:

All the while, he appears to be encouraging "legal" means of protest:

However based on a post (since deleted) praising Robert Jay Mathews as well as the following posts, one has to question how law abiding those "underground cells" would really be:

Beattie is referring to this event, in which some of the anti-refugee thugs threatened a female reporter and suggested she should be raped

"Gittin" better, eh Beattie?

But we digress:


Wait! Who is this we see?

Why it is Jim Muirhead!

Now, while some of our readers might not be familiar with Jimmy here, a there are those familiar enough with the Canadian movement of the early to mid 1990s who should know who he is:

Looks like another long, lost, RAHOWA member has reappeared on the scene. We're guessing that Jimmy is the fella on the far left of he photo.

Honestly, there's no greater indication of how irrelevant one has become in the Canadian "White Nationalist" movement than playing second fiddle to John Beattie. It's actually sort of sad.

We also can't help but wonder if Jimmy has taken off the sunglasses at any time during the past 25 years. We think they might be the same ones.

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