Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Police Shooting Linked to Hate Crime Investigation

We've been receiving messages concerning the suspect in the murder of an Edmonton police officer. We had never heard of Norman Raddatz before today, however based on the information in the media he was in the process of being arrested as a result of a hate crime investigation (Raddatz had allegedly been harassing a family for more than a year, though not many more details have been provided thus far). We are of course trying to determine if he left a trail online. He do note that Warren Kinsella (or someone Mr. Kinsella has received information from) suggested that Raddatz was a proponent of the Freeman ideology. While the threat had always been present, prior to this incident there hadn't been an example of a murder tied to the Freeman ideology in Canada (though there are numerous deaths associated with the movement in the United States). If it proves true that Raddatz was also tied to the Freeman movement, the Rubicon has been crossed sadly.

Norman Walter Raddatz, 42, named as suspect who shot and killed Edmonton police officer

Norman Walter Raddatz, the man suspected of being responsible for the killing of Edmonton Const. Daniel Woodall, had an extensive hate crimes file related to online bullying of a family in the city.

However, Raddatz did not have a significant criminal record beyond the criminal harassment file, police Chief Rod Knecht said at a news conference Tuesday.

The hate crimes file dated back to February 2014.

Raddatz, 42, allegedly shot and killed Const. Woodall on Monday night.

More as we learn more information


Kirbycairo said...

The so-called "Freeman" ideology is interesting to me because it is in essence individuals attempting to do what corporations are already doing - gaining the rights of individuals with few of the legal responsibilities. The irony is, of course, that corporations are eager to use the courts to defend the "rights" such as copyright laws (now acting almost exclusively in the interest of large corporations) but don't want the courts to find them responsible for almost anything.

Anonymous said...

So you agree with police arresting people for internet bullying!?

Martin Ruark said...

Tragic crimes like these makes one appreciate that organisations like yours are a beacon of light on the murky, dark world of the radical loony right. Thank you for all the good work that you do. God Bless you.

Anonymous said...

As someone who works in the judicial system in Alberta, Freemen are unfortunately widely known to us. Terrible that this movement has moved into the killing of a police officer (who was shot in the back). Hopefully, this was just the act of one, as opposed to the movement as a whole.