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Paul Fromm and the Council of Conservative Citizens: Canadian MSM Makes Connection

In the early hours of June 22, we published a story that reminded our readers that Canada's own Paul Fromm is closely associated with the Council of Conservative Citizens (CoCC) as both a board member and as the international director. The CoCC is in the news as a result of their connection to the Charleston killer and, falling from that, the financial contributions made by the CoCC president to a number of high profile Republican politicians. At the end of our article, we made the following comment:

At the end of the article we posed the following question:

Well, it looks like Paulie has had just that opportunity:

Ex-Ontario teacher is international director of American ‘white nationalist’ group that influenced Dylann Roof
Douglas Quan | June 23, 2015 5:25 PM ET 
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A former Ontario school teacher is an active member of an American “white nationalist” group that appears to have had an influence on the young man accused in the shooting deaths of nine black people in a South Carolina church.

Paul Fromm, who ran unsuccessfully for mayor in Mississauga, Ont., last fall and had his teaching licence revoked because of his participation in racist events and for railing against non-white immigration, serves as international director of the Council of Conservative Citizens.

The council, based in St. Louis, Mo., believes that the American people “should remain European in their composition and character” and opposes “all efforts to mix the races of mankind,” according to its statement of principles. Fromm regularly attends council events as a guest speaker.

At one event in Maryland last December, he told a group that diversity was a code word for “white genocide.” On his Facebook page, Fromm calls the creation of police hate-crime units an “abomination,” denounces those who malign the Confederate flag, and labelled a clothing company’s diversity-centred branding as “mind rape.”....

A second story on Paulie came out today from GlobalNews:

The Canadian connection to the ‘white supremacist’ group that influenced Dylann Roof
By Nick Logan
World Reporter/Global National Web Producer Global News

A former teacher and two-time Mississauga, Ont. mayoral hopeful is the international director of a group that sympathized with the motivations behind the Charleston, South Carolina church shooting on June. 17.

Paul Fromm was a school teacher under the Peel Region Board of Education until he was removed from the classroom and stripped of his teaching licence in 1997 because of ties to racist organizations and activities.

Today, he’s the executive director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression; a Mississauga-based group that has fought against anti-hate-legislation, immigration policy and laws to protect gay rights.

But, Fromm also serves as the international director of the Council of Conservative Citizens — the organization whose white supremacist writings were cited in suspected gunman Dylann Roof‘s so-called manifesto posted online ahead of the rampage at the Emanuel A.M.E. Church....

We actually realized that the msm were interested in Paulie because the man himself posted the details of his "National Post" interview on his Facebook profile:

We should note that the "National Post" journalist who covered the story, Douglas Quan, is Asian-Canadian. That fact alone elicited these responses from Paulie's loyal followers:

Really, they are sort of their worst enemy.

In the "National Post" article, we were struck by the following:

....The Southern Poverty Law Center, an extremist watchdog group, describes Fromm on its website as a Canadian neo-Nazi. Fromm said he rejects the label....

Well, though Paulie might reject the label, he has done a pretty poor job of demonstrating why the neo-Nazi label is not accurate:


For those who are unfamiliar, some of the groups Paulie is photographed with include:

- Blood & Honour
- Aryan Guard
- American Front
- Southern Ontario Skinheads
- Volksfront

Seem pretty neo-Nazi to us.

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