Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Kyle McKee On Trial For Assault.... Again

This story actually goes back to September 2013. We had confirmed that McKee has been in jail for a couple of months at the end of 2013 but we didn't then know the details. Since then we had moved on to other issues and did not do a hell of a lot to follow up on the charges, but today we were sent two messages (the first coming from a friend whom it has been too long since we've spoken to) that have filled in the blanks:

Calgary white supremacist Kyle McKee denies assault, say the first time he saw alleged victim was in court

Calgary white supremacist Kyle McKee denied Tuesday that he assaulted a city man who insulted Adolf Hitler.

McKee told defence counsel Adriano Iovinelli he had never met his accuser, Jeremy Martin, until he saw him in court.
McKee, 29, faces a charge of assault with a weapon in connection with the Sept. 14, 2013, incident.
In submissions to provincial court Judge Bill Cummings, Iovinelli said there should be a reasonable doubt about McKee’s guilt, since Martin never mentioned the scar across the bridge of his client’s nose and his tattoo.

Cummings will rule July 20.

Now everyone is innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law, so we suppose McKee could very well be telling the truth. However there are a few things that McKee said during his testimony that sort of strike us as just a wee bit dishonest and thus call into question his claim that he had never seen the alleged victim before.

Let's take a look back at some of the following articles from the not-so-distant-past, shall we?

For example:

[McKee] told Persad he didn’t consider himself a violent person, even though in the past he has resorted to violence. 

“What do you think of violence as a means to get what you want, or to deal with your problems?” the prosecutor asked. 

“There’s usually a better way to deal with it,” McKee said. 

“I have used it when push came to shove.”

Well we suppose this is only a partial lie, as McKee admits he has used violence in the past, "when push comes to shove." But to claim you don't consider yourself a violent person? Let's put aside for a moment his assault convictions, his uttering threats conviction, his weapons convictions, and his trial for attempted murder. McKee has spoken of and written about his support of using violence numerous times over the years. When he's trying to be what, in his world, passes for thoughtful and nuanced, he justifies violence thusly:


Of course McKee's "id" is on full display when he thinks he's preaching to the choir:


We should perhaps mention that in previous interviews with the msm, McKee has been much less averse to promoting and advocating for violence:

The leader of the Calgary faction of Blood and Honour said criminal charges won't deter members of the group in Vancouver from using violence as part of a neo-Nazi campaign.

Kyle McKee told CTV News that he doesn't have "a stitch of remorse" for his own crimes, and expects that the two members of the Vancouver faction of the white nationalist group will continue intimidating minorities.

"I hope no matter what the outcome of the charges, guilty or not, they can pick up the pieces and move on and keep doing what they're doing," McKee said in an interview at his home in Calgary.
McKee said the pair are members of a faction of Blood and Honour, a group with members around the world. In Canada, there are three factions: Vancouver, Calgary, and London, Ont. The group has 15 members in the Lower Mainland. Its name was borrowed from the Hitler Youth motto, "Blut und ehre."
McKee is the Calgary group's central figure. He made a pipe bomb that went off in a Calgary neighbourhood and was charged with beating up a local activist earlier this year.

"You don't want certain people in your neighbourhood, you can ask them politely to leave or you can use violence. I think they're probably more inclined to leave with the use of violence," he said.

McKee pled guilty to making explosives and spent several months in prison. Earlier this year, he pled guilty to uttering threats. He said his time in prison didn't change his attitude.

"I don't know if you're hoping for a stitch of remorse, but you won't find it with me," he said.

McKee has also posted images such as the following which we would humbly suggest could be perceived as having an air of menace about them:

Later McKee claims that he is simply a man who loves being white but who doesn't harbor ill will towards any other identifiable group:

McKee admitted supporting a “national socialist ideology” which includes a Nazi swastika tattooed on his left hand and to being a skinhead, which he called a “subculture.” 

But he denied being a racist. 

“I wouldn’t say I have any animosity for people of other cultures, I just have preference for my own culture,” he told Persad, who suggested the attack on Martin was motivated by the fact he looks aboriginal.

That statement sort of flies in the face of.... well.... the evidence of McKee's adult existence up until this point. Again, for example:

Perhaps not surprisingly, McKee's penchant for violent rhetoric (and based on his previous convictions, violent actions) often coincide with his racism:


Another statement McKee made after denying racist beliefs:

And he suggested Hitler’s political beliefs were sound. 

“I think it was a pretty good platform he ran on and got elected,” the accused said, when asked his thoughts on the former German dictator, who orchestrated the deaths of six million Jews. 

“I don’t think that there’s really ever a need for genocide of a certain people,” he added.

Uhm.... we seem to remember that McKee has some tattoos on his legs. Maybe his shins? If memory serves us, we think those tattoos just might contradict this claim as well.

Tell us what you, our dear readers, think.

Yeah, your anti-genocide position sort of takes a hit when you tattoo, "Kill Jews" on any part of your body.

And not to put too fine a point on it, but McKee once posted a link to another website that purports to show a video of Russian neo-Nazis in action. Kyle really liked the video and seems to suggest that the action taken is a legitimate form of activism:

So what did the Russian neo-Nazis do that McKee feels is praiseworthy?

So, could McKee be telling the truth about not having met the alleged victim in this week's trial? Sure. But given what else he claimed about himself yesterday, we think it is very unlikely that he is being truthful.

The question now is whether the judge will believe McKee? If we're to be honest, given the number of times McKee has had his hands merely slapped for very serious crimes, we wouldn't be at all surprised if he did get away with passing himself off as a misunderstood and maligned "White nationalist.

But then time will tell.


Anonymous said...

So what happened to the blood and honour people from BC did they get sentenced to jail time!?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the judge would think after seeing this video? Looks like McKee's lawyers tried to scrub his crap off the net.