Saturday, September 22, 2012

State of the Movement: Canada's Blood & Honour Part 3

NOTE: As this article is pretty screen shot heavy, we decided that we would divide it into three parts. This article is Part 3.

Noble doesn't spend as much time online as in the past (though given the terms of his release, he should have been arrested when he first began posting online again). In fact, other than his reply on the thread discussing his attendance at the Pride Week events, it had been some time since he had logged in to write anything on the Blood & Honour International forums.

Our readers could imagine his surprise when he found that he had been banned. But at least he dealt with his banning with class and dignity:

Wait. We mean he threw a hissy fit.

Now, we've since learned that the above post has now been deleted or hidden and the link he provides no longer brings up anything of particular interest. If only someone had taken the appropriate scr.... oh just get to the screen shots and stop being so coy!!!

Nicely done. In this short excerpt we find Noble pretty much confirming everything we've written about on this blog over the years:

  • Members engaged in acts of random violence.
  • They attack each other as much as they do the people they overtly hate.
  • They talk about each other behind each other's backs and will "out" people who piss them off (not that we didn't know that "Endseig" was Jessie already).
  • They like the idea of children, but when it comes to being parents, well, not so much (and Bill, to comment on the parenting skills of someone else from the likes of you takes a hell of a lot of chutzpah).
This, ladies and gentlemen, represents the quality that we've come to know and love as the, "Master Race."


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Anonymous said...

about time jessie enjoyed a feature on here. one thing i'll always remember about him was him asking if he could do my hair. i guess he had a hair fetish or something. I was like wtf? no! and shouldn't he be answering some questions on how he knew that his ex isn't '100%' white? he knew it. he didn't accidentally find out and then leave. he always knew. and now he's abandoned them. trying to save face? ok there. mr. high and mighty needs to come down and pay the piper.