Saturday, September 22, 2012

State of the Movement: Canada's Blood & Honour Part 2

NOTE: As this article is pretty screen shot heavy, we decided that we would divide it into three parts. This article is Part 2.

We may very well have as many boneheads reading our blog as we do anti-racists, so we were not at all surprised when Jessie Lajoie commented on our article on the Blood & Honour International forums:

What resulted included statements of denial and disbelief, anger, disgust, bemusement, resignation (to the fact that the Canadian B&H members were embarrassments), and righteous indignation:

Hmmm, would this be a bad time to let them know that you once posted under the name, "Masochistic Skinhead" Jessie?

We're going to stop here for just a moment because we would like to introduce our readers to a new character in this particular passion play. Meet, "rizz88." In her real world life she is known as M.K. M.K is Jessie's new girlfriend.

Or was his new girlfriend. Seems that might no longer be the case.

But we hear you asking, "Whatever happened to his last girlfriend and the mother of hid daughter?"

Oh. Word is he abandoned her.

Much like McKee abandoned his child.

And Noble abandoned his.

And Tyler Lupkowski has abandoned not one, but now two children with two different mothers.

So we can now add Jessie to a VERY long list of men in the racist movement who claim to adhere to David Lane's maxim, "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children" so long as it doesn't mean actually taking responsibility for the care of those children.

But we digress. 

Finally, the man of the hour appears and attempts to justify what White Nationalists consider to be a terrible sin.... and what normal people might consider a good time spent with friends:

Having made his case, his detractors on the forum apologized and congratulated him on his novel approach to spreading the ideas of White Nationalism.

Naw! They shot him down....

....and then banned him.

So given he no longer posts on Stormfront and his own forum was hacked and offline, it looked like we wouldn't see much more of Bill Noble online.

Except that he eventually fixed his own forum.

We wonder what he'll talk about there?


Anonymous said...

Tyler should especially learn how to keep it zipped up. No kid needs a domestically violent, alcoholic, cracked out, no account moron for a father. Better to be a single mother.

Anonymous said...

it's actually pretty fucking disgusting reading this. I know marissa and know she's a great person , Who got caught up with idiots and boneheads alike. Glad to say since she has left jessie she is doing fantastic, He was poison to her and to her kids. This is one thing she will always have to remember she said and did , And he is one person she will always regret, He's a scumbag , Abortion forceing , child abandoning , sex freak.