Saturday, September 22, 2012

State of the Movement: Canada's Blood & Honour Part 1

NOTE: As this article is pretty screen shot heavy, we decided that we would divide it into three parts. This article is Part 1.

Since most of the, "important" players are currently in jail and/or awaiting trial, both factions of Blood & Honour are in a bit of flux. And though things seem to be quiet, we thought it might be interesting to take a look at one of those factions to determine how healthy it is as an organization and if there's a chance it might survive it's current downturn.

When it comes to the Calgary-based Blood and Honour faction aligned to Combat 18, the prognosis isn't good which just tickles us pink.

Our long time readers will remember that we had posted an article regarding Bill Noble's attendance with his new girlfriend at Pride Week events back during the summer. We even held out some hope that Noble might even be having a change of heart, though we were realistic enough to understand that he is one of those who may never change.

Our article did result in a response on Noble's own webforum. Although we haven't had access for the better part of a year (mostly because nothing much ever seemed to happen when we did have access), someone was kind enough to send us the relevant screen shots.

Suffice it to say, Billy's friends in the movement found his actions to be rather curious:

We have to say that this was a really novel justification for attending the Pride Week event, though we can't help but be somewhat dubious of rationale. But then, that's Billy for you.

But as things were beginning to get interesting, someone pulled the plug:

All was not lost though, for at the same time this dialogue was going on Billy's webforum, a much more intense and far more interesting discussion was taking place on the Blood & Honour International Forums.

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