Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kyle McKee, Bernie Miller, and Others: Charged With Assault

Come on! You think I wouldn't come back for this?
White supremacists arrested over Edmonton racial attack
By , Edmonton Sun, First posted:  
All three are confirmed to be involved with the white supremacist group Blood and Honour. 
Following the arrests, cops in Calgary and Edmonton executed search warrants at McKee's residence, which resulted in the recovery of numerous weapons, including shotguns, ammunition, knives and machetes. In addition to two assault-related charges, McKee is charged with 15 weapons-related offences. 
This isn't the fist time McKee has found himself in trouble with the law. 
In 2010, a Crown prosecutor withdrew charges against McKee that included attempted murder, possessing, making or controlling explosives and possession of a weapon or imitation for a dangerous purpose. 
The charges were laid after he was arrested in Winnipeg nearly a month after two explosive devices were left outside a northeast apartment in Calgary, occupied by his ex-girlfriend and her new beau. Nobody was injured in the Nov. 21 incident. 
In March 2011, McKee pleaded guilty to uttering threats and possession of a weapon over a confrontation with an anti-racism activist. The judge threw him in the slammer for a month.
Well we aren't surprised by Kyle ending up in jail again. It was only a matter of time. The only question now is how long he'll be in jail if he is found guilty. Given his already lengthy record, the escalation of his crimes, and his overt advocacy of the use of violence, we think that there is a very good chance that McKee might be end up behind bars for a very long time indeed.

And the arrest of Bernie Miller may very well spell the end of the Blood & Honour movement in Edmonton. We might have more to say about this later.

Global Edmonton is also covering the story.... rather poorly. Here is the image that they are using with the story:

Seriously? Do they even bother to do any research?

First, the B&H that McKee and co. are associated with are not linked to Volksfront and are in fact openly antagonistic. Second we really aren't sure what the Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner has to do with Volksfront.

It's like they have poorly trained monkeys looking for graphics online. Don't pick the first image that you find on Google, folks.


TheDeadAir said...

I hope they realize that he is NEVER going to change his ways. His violent criminal ways are not just directed at minority's, its it directed at LIFE IN GENERAL. He is willing to throw away any real life he actually gets in order to continue in the ways he has grown up behaving, and the crazy things he has instilled in his brain. It may seem cliche but this group is a CULT, and none of them even realize it. I'm sorry these people can't grow up and honestly see that they are throwing their lives away, but they wont, especially this guy. He needs to do some SERIOUS TIME, else wise it will be a vicious cycle, that doesn't solve anything for anybody.

He bombed the house on the night before his daughters second birthday. Way to throw that relationship out the window buddy. Good luck being an angry, lonely, drunk, violent, worthless loser all you life.

Anonymous said...


Some people do leave and just get on with their lives and some people just switch alliances and join another white power group. There are a few though that leave entirely, and do see the very thing you mentioned. Cult. Once they put a little distance between themselves and some of their previous associates they can see a little clearer and rather than just leave and "forget about it" they actually try to make some positive change and reach out to those who they need to make apologies to. I am a testament to that. Let all the boneheads shit their pants when I decide it's time to talk.

Kyle has no one. Not a single soul will back him up. And guess what? He knows that. After the bombing incident, when the cops came and raided his place? Lee, his right hand man, couldn't get away from his association with Kyle fast enough. Looked me right in the eye and told me "I can't take that shit! I got too much to lose!" Lee, you'll recall is real hardcore.

Imagine Kyle's life. Every few months, he causes himself to be arrested, loses a job, loses his shelter, loses his possessions and has to continually start over again. Nice life for a loser. It would be funny if he wasn't psychotic.

Anonymous said...

Great work!

TheDeadAir said...

@ anon #2

Congrats on getting yourself away from it. I'm sitting in the same boat. I didn't want to be involved in that shit anymore, I had way to much to lose. Once I left, I saw how cult like everything honestly was. It would be funny if it where not for the fact that yes, he is psychotic, and if he wasn't impacting the life of a sweet little girl who no longer has any contact with her bio father because he has decided that his quasi political extremist bullshit was more important than having contact with her.

Anonymous said...

posted a link to this site a couple of weeks ago on cbc website - VERY happy you are back! Keep it up!!

Multiculture living is not easy BUT that gives NO one the right to inflict violence (no matter what your skin colour/tradtions are)!

I like Multicultural living because I can get to know neighbours from other countries THUS I feel more educated AND kinda feel like I've taken a 'mental vacation' by hearing about other countries and their traditions. Kinda makes me happier to be here - than where my neighbours just fled from. And we connect once we've shared and realize we all just want to TRUST each other!

Ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to getting to know your neighbours. Let's create happy communities with intelligence and compassion - Peace!