Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Byfield "Linked" To Extremist

That view [that white people have a disproportionate share of power] is based on the error that all people are equal. Blacks are on the whole less intelligent than whites. - Paul Fromm

Oh hi. First a brief introduction. I was asked by a vampire to make an occasional post while she was on hiatus. I picked the name "Naberius200" because Nos has this weird obsession with names that start with the letter "n" and the number 200. Who knows why? In any case, like the other members of the Collective (and I guess I can count myself in that number now) I'll try to keep the joint alive while Nos is on her well deserved break.

So I tried to think of an appropriate first post, and I realized that since there's an election out in Alberta, I might as well start with that.

I noticed while looking at the list of candidates for the Wildrose Party that a name jumped out at me.

Link Byfield is running in the constituency of Barrhead-Morinville-Westlock. He has been a long-time player in conservative politics in Alberta having been the editor and publisher of Alberta Report for 18 years (the magazine went under 2003). He became a, "senator in waiting" in 2004 and ran unsuccessfully in Whitecourt-Ste. Anne in the 2008 Alberta provincial election. Now in 2012 he's taking another stab at elected office. Here he is with Wildrose Party leader Danielle Smith.

Mr. Byfield, someone who's views are considered by many people to not be very mainstream in and of themselves, has also been associated with people much less photogenic and mainstream as Ms. Smith.

The original caption: "REPORT MAGAZINE Editor Link Byfield
addressing our dinner in his honour (November 1999).
The fella with the red face is someone that I think the readers of this blog are well familiar with, particularly his association with the Aryan Guard, Blood & Honour, Volksfront, the KKK, the Heritage Front, and a number of other extremist groups in Canada and internationally. In fact last week he was a featured speaker at a Klan rally in Arkansas where he gave speeches which included the following statement.

"We are being ethnically cleansed from the cities of America!" he thundered. "I don't know if it was the Hutus cleansing the Tutsis, or the Tutsis cleansing the Hutus. Well, they should all be cleansed."

Before stepping away, Nosferatu200 sent the following photos of that rally.

Paul Fromm with Billy Roper, first and only of the defunct White Revolution
Fair or not, I have to note that it isn't uncommon for extremists to try and infiltrate right-wing political parties. Back when the Wildrose Part was the Wildrose Alliance Party, members of the Aryan Guard even claimed to have had one of the candidates over to the home of Kyle McKee to discuss the party platform.

I think it is important to mention that the campaign chair of the Wildrose Alliance rejected any support of the Aryan Guard and called into question a lot of their claims.

I don't know what Link Byfield's views are concerning race, but I think it might be fair to question his judgment in associating with the likes of Paul Fromm.


Anonymous said...

I just want to say welcome!
and thank you for keeping the site going!

Harry Abrams said...

I know someone very well who used to work for Mr. Byfield at his magazine, and according to them, racism was not tolerated in that workplace, despite whatever views were held or expressed.

Fromm gets around quite a bit, and has made a career out of misrepresenting himself to others and hitching his wagon to "freedom and right wing patriotic causes" so I would hesitate at tarring Mr. Byfield just because he was seen sharing a podium with Fromm.

Anonymous said...

Was driving by Sunridge Mall yesterday and saw 3 cop cars had Kyle pulled over. He was in handcuffs getting searched. Nearly positive it was him.