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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Devil You Know?

Following the Alberta election, I really do have to admit some surprise at the outcome.

Okay, a lot of surprise.

Like many, I fully expected the 41 year PC dynasty to end last night. Of course, we now know how wrong the polls were.

But looking back perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised?

After all, a significant portion of Alberta electors were undecided even as the Wildrose took a commanding lead among those who had decided. Evidently, most decided to go with the devil they knew.

And we can't discount the controversies that emerged out of the campaign, such as this, and this and this.

We aren't going to rejoice that the Progressive Conservatives are going to extend their 41 year rule of the province of Alberta, but we are going to be thankful for our friends in Alberta that they will not be under the yolk of Wildrose either.

We can also be thankful that Ted Morton lost his seat. Easily the most conservative member of the PC family (and someone who would have been at home in the Wildrose Party), his departure might move the PCs more to the center.

And we are also thankful for this from our friends at Free Dominion:

Alberta Election Results.....

Their tears of rage and anguish nourish us. If we could, we would lick them from their faces and call it sweet ambrosia.

Still, this doesn't mean our friends in Alberta shouldn't work at putting a real alternative in power next time. There's something a bit incestuous about having a very conservative party in power with an even more conservative (perhaps reactionary) party as the Official Opposition.


Anonymous said...

Careful about the ironic references to the Free Dominion folks as "friends," Warren Kinsella might start calling you names.

Anonymous said...

What's astounding about the Free Dominion comments is their contempt for democracy. They talk about voters with absolute disgust.

Anonymous said...

haha, too sweet
and check out this post from Faramir:

gather (and forgive me for the huge generalization) that women think "Oh, those poor gay people. After that mean pastor said that, those poor gay people are going to being crying themselves to sleep. Well, I 'll show them. I will vote PC because damn if I vote for some bigotted redneck. Oh, I guess that is bigotry too. Never mind"

I guess he doesn't understand what bigotry really mean:P

Anonymous said...

Good to see that irony has not been driven off this site. I found the "contempt for voters" remark particularly ironic. How about the one-third of Albertans who voted for the Wildrose? You don't happen to have any contempt for them, by any chance?

In reality, the results were somewhat encouraging to most on the right, at least it's a start on returning to a more balanced and less brainwashed political dialogue in Canada.