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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Sad Life of John Beattie

We don't intend this to be a long post, but we did see it as somewhat telling of the state of the, "White Nationalist" movement over the long term.

On this blog, we have written about John Beattie who in the 1960s came to minor prominence as the leader of the Canadian Nazi Movement. He fell in and out of the media through the 70s, only to re-appear in 1989 when he hosted a celebration for fellow racists on land near his home in Minden, Ontario. Now, he posts the occasional rambling message on Stormfront, operates a poorly constructed website for his British Peoples' League (which, while appearing to consist of himself and a few seemingly elderly drinking buddies, he seems to believe will soon be an international force to be reckoned with..... as soon as someone, anyone, is willing to start donating money for the cause... really, anyone and any amount.... a dollar even.... hell, they'd be pleased to be given a half-eaten sandwich at this point) and finally a rambling Internet "radio" program that has the feel of an "old man yelling at the kids to get off of his lawn" to it.

John Beattie is a sad, pathetic man. But we already knew this. However the failure of Beattie's life as a family man who wished to inculcate his children and grandchildren with the set of beliefs he possess really does say a great deal about the status of the "White Nationalist" movement over the long term.

Beattie rails against multiculturalism to the point that he argues that one shouldn't even talk to a person of another race (who, according to Beattie, are clearly inferior), much less be friends or, god forbid, marry outside one's ethnicity. He no doubt taught this to his own family.

In Beattie's own writing, here is how his family responded:


We're writing this not to make fun of Beattie's failure. Well, okay. Not entirely to make fun of his failure. However there is a lesson to be learned from this that is positive.

Hatred doesn't have to be generational. It can be stopped.

This lesson is extended to Paulie. We know he has two adult children. They appear to have rejected his views concerning ethnicity as well based on information we've been sent.

It also gives us a lot of hope for the children of the new generation of boneheads. It isn't certain that, McKee's child (whom we hear he rarely sees) or Noble's child will follow in their father's goosesteps.

Ultimately, no matter how much they rage, they can't win. And that's a nice note to end on.

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