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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jeff Hughes Death in the News

This came out in the evening on Tuesday. Shall we anticipate the response of the boneheads?

No charges in police shooting of white supremacist

Date: Sunday May. 22, 2011 5:37 PM PT

The Victoria Police Department has decided not to recommend charges in the shooting death of Jeffery Scott Hughes, a Nanaimo resident killed in a confrontation with Mounties almost two years ago. 

Hughes, a member of the Northwest Front white supremacist group, was shot by RCMP officers responding to a noise complaint on Selby St. the morning of October 23, 2009. He died at the scene. 

Few details about the incident have been released, including whether Hughes was armed and how many shots were fired. 

Victoria Police Sgt. Grant Hamilton issued a release Saturday saying an exhaustive criminal investigation involving dozens of witnesses and a detailed forensic examination of the shooting scene revealed "no basis" for charges. 

The matter has been turned over to the coroner's office. An inquest into the shooting is scheduled to begin on July 25.

We're sure that there will be a response, but in the meantime, here is what we wrote when we covered the shooting:


Anonymous said...

Politics aside, the police have killed an innocent and unarmed man and gotten away with it.

Do you feel safe knowing these people are here to 'serve and protect'? I know I don't.

Nosferatu200 said...

At this point, we don't know really exactly what happened. Can you guarantee Hughes didn't have a weapon? We can't. To be sure, the RCMP (and some city police) have a spotty record, especially in recent years. That's an understatement. But we'll wait for the inquest before making a final decision.

Anonymous said...

To know the full history creates the twists in the story. It was actually the neighbors who were creating the disturbances over a period of time. They ignored his complaint calls, then using their agenda...played out a pre-planned strategy to eliminate him. SEVEN RCMP +++ to deal with a noise serious. The story stinks like yesterday's diapers!!