Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Aryan Guard Offer Anti-Racists Information

Our readers are well aware that Kyle McKee was released on probation after having plead guilty to possessing bomb making materials. The more serious charges, including attempted murder, were dropped however, which was a bit disappointing.

Now that McKee has been released, it seems that he's interested in settling some scores with the people who put him behind bars for half a year:

Internecine conflict amongst boneheads isn't exactly a new thing (so much for the New Orleans Protocol, eh Davey?) so this post on Stormfront shouldn't be all that surprising. However, what might come as a surprise to some is the efforts of McKee and company to reach out to anti-racists by offering them said information.

On Nexopia, we noticed the following offer from John Marleau:

Within we found this:

Of course, we were more than a bit intrigued. So we looked at the documents in question. It is, indeed, the statement made by one of the targets of the attack for which McKee and a 17 year old youth were arrested. When asked why Marleau would post this link, he responds:

Keep in mind, Marleau at one time claimed to care deeply for this woman. Now he's hell bent on destroying her. Considering his past record dealing with women who have spurned him, we shouldn't be shocked. Still, user "R4WH4TE" poses an interesting question, doesn't he? Marleau is posting documents containing the address and phone number of a crime victim (no matter what we ourselves think about her or her politics). No worries though. She moved. She no longer lives at the address mentioned or has that phone number. Still, a thinking person might consider the obvious problem with posting addresses and phone numbers of people who no longer have then, in that somone else DOES now have the address and phone number:

Marleau ain't exactly a deep thinker now, is he? And he doesn't seem to concerned that someone completely innocent and unaware might now be subject to harassment, so long as Carolyne is exposed:

But here's another problem for McKee and Marleau. Even if Carolyne does lie about 90% of the time in the police statement, the 5% remaining still reflects very poorly on both of them, as observed by another Nexopia member:

So here we have a bonehead willingly giving information about another "White Nationalist" to anti-racists with the desire that it be posted here on this blog (knowing full well that not only anti-racists, but also boneheads are frequent readers).

We have to ask the boneheads who read this blog then, is that okay with you? Is it okay that one of yours is willing to turn over information to.... well.... to us?

Think about that for a moment and let it sink in for a bit.

And here's another thing to think about. We aren't the only anti-racist group that Marleau and McKee have been shopping this document around to.

As our readers know, and despite claims by some of our detractors to the contrary, we in the ARC Collective are not members of Anti-Racist Action. We do maintain a positive dialogue with a number of anti-racist groups, the ARA included, but we have a different vision a different comfort level with state authorities than they do. We respect their position as they respect our.

Yesterday, we received a message on our Facebook account from Jason Devine who was a bit confused. You see, he received four phone calls from Kyle McKee and his friend, "Maxim Lee." The last call, in which he actually engaged in a conversation, resulted in an offer of the documents that Marleau has posted on his Facebook profile. All that would be needed would be for Mr. or Mrs. Devine to provide an email address. Mr. Devine wanted to know if this was serious or some sort of a ruse (and given the number of times his residence has been firebombed and vandalized over the past two years, who could blame him?).

So, to summarize, John Marleau and Kyle McKee have offered to provide information on other, "White Nationalists" to us, to other anti-racists, and to the ARA, or to put in a way sure to be provocative, the communists.

Let THAT sink in for a while, ladies and gentlemen.

Isn't it ironic that while the remnants of the Aryan Guard are calling Carolyne a rat for providing information to the police regarding a possible attempted murder, Marleau and McKee seem unconcerned about providing information to people whom they view as one of their key enemies?

And we pose this question to the boneheads who read this blog. If McKee and Marleau are willing to sell out their own even if the people they are selling out are scum (and believe us, the members of WEB are scum), who else might they be willing to inform on in order to hurt reputations or to get out of their way? Do you think that they can really be trusted?

We'll leave you to ponder these and other questions.

We should note that the Devines didn't take "Maxim" or Kyle up on their offer.

But we're sure our readership are all very anxious to see the documents that Marleau and McKee were willing to provide. We have them (both from Marleau's picture album he made available for general viewing on his Facebook profile and emailed to us from another, "White Nationalist") and they are very interesting documents. Here's what we'll show you now.

First a screenshot of the album created by Marleau:

Now within the album where Marleau has invited some of his friends to look and comment:

An finally, a comment made by McKee on one of the pages:

That's it. We're sure that our readers are interested in more, however we won't be publishing any for the time being for some of the following reasons:

1. We're concerned about the legality of publishing this document.
2. There's a great deal of personal information that remains unredacted, including the name of the 17 year old co-accused as well as the address and phone number already mentioned. Sure, we could do it ourselves, but that's hardly the point.

Our final reason is perhaps most important personally.

We don't dance to the music played by boneheads. They want to go to war with each other, great. We'll happily follow it and update our readership on their pathetic lives (because it is so damn funny now). But don't think for a single moment that they'll be able to use us in their efforts. What we do we do on our terms.

Have a lovely evening.


Anonymous said...

2 questions:
1) Is Kyle's story that they had a solid Alibi true? If it is, who planted the bomb (we know it was made in his house).
2) Have the authorities been notified of John's choice to publish these documents?

Anonymous said...

All "white nationalists" are rats.

Anonymous said...

With enemies like these who needs friends?

Anonymous said...

Kyle didnt have a solid alibi but yes his co-accused did. Doesn't take the blame off of kyle from a realistic point of view but in the rediculous court of law it does.

I wonder if the authorities are following Johns bail conditions..such as having no contact with ANY white supremacists. Seems hes back in full contact with his goof troop.

Anonymous said...

1) Yes, there was an alibi. At least for the 17 year old. He was seen entering somwhere on camera at the time. As for Kyle, not sure.
2)They are not private. He should have blacked items out, but they were clearly given the documents.

Anonymous said...

You guys know that everyone in BC and Ontario laughs at both the Aryan Guard and WEB right? These two are no WN's or whatever they want to call themselves. From what I hear, all over Canada boneheads are sitting and waiting for these Calgary fucks to relocate, especially to Ontario. These guys are a joke when compared to the actual groups that exist out there, as amusing it is reading it all, its getting kind of boring reading how fucking dumb they are. They're not worth the fight as they pose no threat when it comes to racism.

AuntieFa said...

It's rather curious that Marleau would choose to scan and post the entire transcript, it doesnt exactly paint a picture of well rounded (pun intended) folks concerned about their ethnic group. Alas, it paints a picture of street level thugs without a profit venture, as most criminals have a profit motive. Although Ms. CW keeps some interesting company, I salute her for having the gumption to speak to the cops about these yahoos.

Incidentally, it would seem the yahoos in question are quick to call "rat" . I wonder if they're aware that calling rat is essentially a pathetic and misguided attempt to sublimate personal culpability.....

truth teller said...

Who gives a crap about BC or Ontario? Neither has ever had a march or anything significant.
Fuck Ontario and BC

Anonymous said...

Maxim Lee is none other than Mr. Lee Ebel