Wednesday, June 09, 2010

New Development in Nova Scotia Cross Burning Case

We've been following the case of Nathan and Justin Rehberg since the case first came to our awareness. As a reminder to our readers, the Rehberg brothers are accused of burning a cross on the lawn of a mixed race couple in Nova Scotia in an apparent effort to racially intimidate them. The two men were arrested not long after the incident took place. The two men have been out on bail, posted by grandparents, since that time.

Looks like that has changed as well, at least for Nathan:

Warrant issued for suspect in cross burning
Grandparents revoke their bail responsibilities
Valley BureauWed. Jun 9 - 12:34 PM

WINDSOR — One of the men charged in connection with a cross burning in Hants County is going back to jail.

An arrest warrant was issued for Nathan Neil Rehberg, 20, in Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Windsor on Wednesday.

Justice J. Arthur LeBlanc issued the warrant at the request of Crown prosecutor Bill Fergusson after Rehberg’s grandparents appeared in court to request that their bail responsibilities be revoked.

Darrell and Marianne Boutilier, who live in Garlands Crossing, Hants County, put up $5,000 bail for Rehberg and his brother Justin Chad Rehberg, 19, last March.

The two men were released March 2 on the condition that they reside at the Boutiliers' home and abide by several conditions, including no contact with the victims, a 9 pm to 6 am curfew and a ban on alcohol, drugs and weapons.

But the Boutiliers appeared in court Wednesday in a legal process called a rendering, in which they requested to withdraw the surety on Nathan Rehberg. They were escorted into and out of court by an RCMP officer.

They did not give a reason, and are not required to under the Criminal Code, said Rehberg’s lawyer Luke Craggs.

Craggs said he didn’t know yet if there would be another bail hearing.“It’s hard to say. He has other family support. He has other people who, as I understand it, are prepared to help him out.”

Nathan Rehberg has elected a Supreme Court trial by judge and jury. The trial is scheduled to begin Nov. 10. Five days have been set aside for it.

Justin Rehberg is scheduled to go to provincial court trial Oct. 18.The two men were charged after a cross-burning incident on the front lawn of a mixed-race couple Shayne Howe and Michelle Lyon, in Poplar Grove, Hants County, shortly after midnight Feb. 21. There was also allegedly a hangman’s noose dangling from the cross and someone yelled racial slurs and threats.

The two men are charged with public incitement of hatred, mischief, uttering threats and criminal harassment.The incident ignited an outcry across the province and country.


It also appears that Nathan failed to appear in court today as well.

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UPDATE (June 10): Nathan Rehber turned himself in today:

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You know you suck when your grandparents are willing to send you to jail.