Friday, June 04, 2010

Canadian Stormfront Moderator Identified

Well that's disappointing. Here we spent a nice Thursday evening inside writing an article for this blog when we could have been out for a drink and enjoying the nice weather. Then, poof! Just like that it disappears. Not only that, but it takes down the rest of the blog with it.

No matter.

A few years ago, soon after Jared Taylor was shown the door (literally) by anti-racists when he came to give a talk in Halifax, Stormfront moderator "OdinPatrick" made a point of identifying the individuals involved.

On the one hand, we can't be too critical as we essentially do the same thing to the boneheads. However, we do have standards and lines that we will not cross. You see, "OdinPatrick" also identified individuals who were present at the Taylor speech but who were not a part of the protest. He also posted pictures of the anti-racists' family members, phone numbers and home addresses. As a result, these individuals as well as the anti-racists were subject to death threats.

The folks on Stormfront were falling all over themselves to congratulate "OdinPatrick" for his hard work. He gleefully accepted their praise.

Karma has a funny way of biting you in the ass sometimes.

OdinPatrick (who also appears to post on Free Dominion as "Padraigh" and is one of the individuals named in the Warman defamation suit), is Dan Martin from Nanaimo, B.C. He is the senior Canadian moderator on Stormfront (a well-known hate site) begun by former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, Don Black.

We would like to post a few screenshots from Stormfront (and a couple from the more repulsive Vanguard News Network where Martin also posted for a time) to remind our readers what kind of a person we’re talking about here and why his identification matters:


thomas said...

Hilarious, This is the clown that reads private messages. Makes me laugh considering he NEVER attended ANY rallies or marches.
Stormfront Canada is full of idiots guided by this wannabe.

nos200 said...

Hey! It's our old friend Tom! How are you Tommy! We should have known you'd appreciate this post as well.

Model said...

OdinPatrick is an agent. Simple. He refuses to delete accounts, reads PM's and generally likes to stir trouble, while hiding behing his computer.

Anonymous said...

Actually thomas, you have no idea what your talking about. No one on this site has any idea what really goes on in BC, let alone Nanaimo or Vancouver

Anonymous said...

I agree with thomas

Anonymous said...

need photos please

no it all said...

@ Anonymous 11:27. There have been some good posts in the lasts month on things happening in BC. I'm guessing they know more than they're saying.

Anonymous said...

One of my favourite things about WNs is how much they all hate each other. Is this how it will work in the all-white utopia?