Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Aryan Guard and W.E.B. Online Bickering

First, we can confirm from multiple sources that W.E.B. member Kevin Brozny is now out of jail. As far as we know, Tyler Sturrup is still behind bars.

Well, it looks like the members of W.E.B. are still determined to organize a march in Calgary on the 21st of next month. In fact, they're sure it will be bigger than last year's event:

Oh, how sad. Reitmeier and Marleau used to be such good friends. It's gone from this:

to this:

Although Reitmeier is insistent the march will proceed, and we have to go with the assumption that at least a few boneheads will show up, we really do have to question the ability of a group that can't even spell "division" correctly to pull this off:

Okay, this was a bit petty (are you surprised?) but there's more to our skepticism than poor grammar. Honestly, do our readers think that anyone wants to attend a rally run by people who smear blood on the walls of their own homes?

So a word of friendly advice to any bonehead who may consider attending the rally if it takes place: make sure you have your Hepatitis A and B shots up to date.

So what is the remnant of the Aryan Guard saying about all this? Well, let's just say they are somewhat dubious as well. Someone using Kyle McKee's Stormfront account posted the following:

And what happens when you follow the link? We won't provide the hyperlink (we don't want them getting any hits off of us) but we will show the screen shots. Let the fun begin:

We do love the Aryan Guard logic in the last two pictures: "We'll try to kill you with a pipe bomb but if you tell the police who tried to kill you then you've violate, 'the code' and we won't play with you any more."

Some of our readers will remember the first picture of Reitmeier and the South-Asian woman as it resulted in a bit of a debate and discussion regarding Reitmeier and the rest of W.E.B. Even people who were once close to the membership of the Aryan Guard when it was first formed don't have a lot of good to say about the members of either group now. One, "boy white" (real name is Jan) was one of the founding members of the Aryan Guard before he disappeared, though he did feel the need to comment on the thread in with Reitmeier and the woman were being discussed. Another former Aryan Guard/W.E.B. associate (at least while the members of W.E.B. were still a part of the Aryan Guard) is the lovely Carla who posts as "knuckeldown." on Stormfront:

Even people who still associate with the members of W.E.B. have concerns, as evidenced by a female friend of Johnson, Reitmeier and the whole W.E.B. crew:

We'll provide the full text for our dear readers:

Just sayin'

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 at 12:22am

I find it retarded that no groups in Calgary regarding the movement can get we're supposed to be fighting together to enlighten, and fight for our people.. Not fighting each other, fucking each other over, trying to kill the other.

You've got beef with each other, that's fucking tough, not everyone is going to like you. I think some of the people who like 'control' the scene here need to put their self pride aside and work together, it's just making us look like idiots. I mean like Older National Socialists are disguised by the neo-nazis' of today because they show no self respect. Or they go do stupid shit.

Its just frustrating, especially when you're trying to get in with the movement, and this shit keeps happening. Just because I am not as strong as you are physically, doesn't mean I don't have my wits about me.

There is no need for the Testosterone when you get angry, that you need to smash shit. You just look like you have no respect for the things you own. Which it becomes evident. People had the idea that the 'movement' here is strong, but it seems like it's a joke.

It seems all majority of the people in the "movement" just want to get drunk, beat up blacks and sieg heil as much as possible. You're not accomplishing anything, besides making the rest of society that you're trying to convince the movement is a good thing, you're just showing complete idiocy. There is no cause or reason to get such noticeable tattoo's, how are you going to get a career?

The women that want to get in the movement, just get scared away because you're overly violent. You shouldn't hit a woman in the first place. It's cowardly. It's one thing to joke about it, but another to actually do it. I know so many women who want to be in the movement, but you don't take them seriously. We're not just something you can fuck. We also have brains, we're pretty smart, and catch on fast. I personally would love to be an actual skinbyrd, but I know I don't have the physical strength, yet anyway, to earn my 'reds'.

Stop disrespecting your own kind. Then the idea will get across better. You shouldn't just go on a hateful rampage because someone doesn't agree with you. You're just looking as stupid as the ANTIFA you hate. The amount of drama in the scene is ridiculous. You all keep thinking someone is trying to fuck you over, stop being so god damn paranoid.

I ask the questions I ask because I want to understand better, and have the knowledge. Not because I'm a rat. I'm quite disappointed that, that has been said about me. I would never rat anyone out. Especially when you're not even doing anything really that's that big of a deal.

Stop trying to make yourself better then your 'brother'. Because in the end you just end up fucking the shit you've worked hard for up. Stop doing things so blindly. Quite trying to look like you're a somebody. Everyone seems to forget that we're just tiny little specks, on a miniscule planet, in the vastness that is the Universe. We have no purpose, unless we find something we're passionate about.

We're born, we spend our lives mindlessly filling the empty void until till it's time to go, then we die. We have no benefit on this planet, it's all just negative. And I really don't care if you get mad at me for having this opinion. But it is mine, and I am entitled to it. Just as you're entitled to yours. I really hope this strikes a chord in you when you read this, and you try to make the right choices to better the movement. Also please note; I am not trying to offend anyone with what i've said. It's just something i've noticed. And a few people who won't comment on this note, agreed too. Things need to change, because the movement is falling apart.

To, "earn one's reds" means to earn your red laces [EDIT: We knew it was laces, but had a brain fart and typed bracers originally]. That means that you've assaulted a person causing serious injury or death, "for the cause."

So, boneheads. These are the people planning the rally next month.

Have fun.


faithless said...

ATTENTION WN, AG, WEB: there are good and bad in every group, race, religion, subculture, whatever. if white people are as great as you seem to think, then clearly none of you are white. You are scum. you're not even the bottom of the barrel, you're the piece of shit squished under it. if you are the "future" than we are all fucked. on a side note, i believe you are all suffering from a mental illness. please seek help. it will vastly improve your life. i say this as a person with a mental illness. seeking treatment made me the man i am today. and i am proud of the man i am. not because i'm white, 'cause really, no one of any importance gives a shit, but because i am kind, loving, compassionate, generous, and because i stand up for what's right, which is why i stand up against you degenerate scum.


Anonymous said...

Rumor has it Rob got shot due to a crack deal gone bad.

Me said...

I truly hope W.E.B is on a crack binge and this march doesn't happen. If it does it's going to be highly unorganized and hopefully they will get their asses handed to them by anti's.

Secondly W.E.B shouldn't claim to be white pride if they allow non-whites into their group, as well as racial mixing which is a big no-no in their ideology. In terms W.E.B are degenerate hypocrite scum.

tradskin said...

actually "earning reds" has to do with laces not braces* i'm a trad who wears red braces and i know that those nazi's refer to reds as their laces. i would prefer if you corrected that.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks it's funny that Rob is listening to Necro, a Death Rap artist of Israeli Romanian heritage? Necro's brother is Ill Bill, both of whom are well known in the underground Hip Hop scene.

Anonymous said...

John Marleau is a mole. The whole "stab the bus driver" thing was a fix, so he could gain some street cred and deflect any heat from other Nazis. Not saying he didn't try to stab the transit guy, but most likely his handlers (CPS) told him to do something serious, but not too serious, but with enough to make papers and the rounds of Nazis.

So, once again, how does John attempt to stab a citizen, go to jail for 6 weeks, then gets out? This is after all, a person whom was an interest to the police involving 2 attempted homicides, bomb making and various other violence. Regardless, justice in this Country is dead, no matter how one looks at it.

John, why don't you just go and run along, you're proving no use to anyone.

Anonymous said...

i was wondering if i could subscribe to this blog and get updates on my cellphone?

me said...

haha yes i heard he got shot last week too?

Anonymous said...

CPS handlers is right! Violent racist thugs come together, commit acts of violence, and stockpile guns, weapons, and explosive materials. But, god forbid, the CPS do any serious investigation. No house raids, no interrogations. The CPS even goes so far as to say these violent gang members have the freedom of speech to march and spout hatred!?! Why is the CPS leaving them alone, except for the most egregious cases i.e. the pipe bomb? Did CSIS tell them to cool it so they can play entrapment or infiltration? How many more people must be attacked?

REAL B&H said...

CPS handlers is right! Violent racist thugs come together, commit acts of violence, and stockpile guns, weapons, and explosive materials. But, god forbid, the CPS do any serious investigation. No house raids, no interrogations. The CPS even goes so far as to say these violent gang members have the freedom of speech to march and spout hatred!?! Why is the CPS leaving them alone, except for the most egregious cases i.e. the pipe bomb? Did CSIS tell them to cool it so they can play entrapment or infiltration? How many more people must be attacked?

I don't think CSIS would try any type of inflitration tactics. They kind of blew it with Bristow and it seems why would they bother and waste manpower, when all of the Canadian white power types are capable of bringing themselves down. Marleau is just being a mole because he could face serious time in jail and he's a wimp. If W.E.B or the AG wanted to do something for "their" race, they could start by watching Johnny there, but they proably think he's some type of Clown 18 omni-Nazi.

Anonymous said...

Hey there is a lot more online bickering between John, Rob, Natalie, and an unknown user on the Nexopia message boards. If you go check out the Jurassic Park Forum there is a thread titled ''Hey Antis'' that contains some arguing and amusing pictures.

T.A.S said...

I heard tonight that Reitmeier is back in jail...

Anonymous said...

i find it really sad that someone (the woman, whose note is above) can so aptly identify one kind of oppression - that of male-based violence towards women - and yet aspire to commit the same type of oppressive and violent behaviour toward another minority group.

please, use that capable mind of yours to do better things for yourself.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above poster...That's nothing to aspire to!!
What amazes my even more is how these degenerates can obtain girlfriends! They clearly don't seem to mind the vulgar, chauvinistic cr*p they come out with...perhaps they're just as bad.
Here's to hoping none decide to reproduce!