26 February 2010

Aryan Guard v. W.E.B.: Feud Becoming More Toxic

We've noticed Paul Fromm is again acting as a spokesperson for the Aryan Guard:

Our readers may be wondering why Paulie's Stormfront post has been heavily redacted. Well, given the subject matter, we think there's a pretty good chance that he might be violating a publication ban. We could be completely out to lunch on this, but we're not about to take our chances. Besides, it isn't as if Paulie hasn't already been slapped down for violating publication bans in the past.

Anyways, it's been a lot of fun watching the remainder of the Aryan Guard and the members of W.E.B. currently not in jail go at it like angry, slightly toothless, animals. And it hasn't been confined to only a few websites. In fact, the animosity is spreading so that everyone can enjoy it.

Who would we be if we didn't allow our dear readers in on the fun?

First, on Stormfront, it seems Natalie is in fact posting on the hate site using McKee's account. We suspected this was the case when "pitbull-A.G." posted an interesting link to the Aryan Guard website detailing W.E.B. members, how shall we say..... less than "Aryan" behaviour. Not surprisingly, Robert Reitmeier responded:

The fight on Stormfront has allowed others to chime in and pick sides. So far, pretty much an even split on who is the most embarrassing to the cause:

Right. Because the only possibility is that the pipe bomb was it was faked or the ARA did it. There's really nothing about these people that is original any more.

The 9 Noble Virtues? Let's just see how well both organizations have fared:
  1. Courage - Let's see... firebombed and/or vandalized the home of an anti-racist three times, attacked a Japanese immigrant not even half the size of her assailant, attempted to kill former friends over a woman by planting a pipe bomb, defaced a Jewish Center in the dead of night... shall we go on?
  2. Truth - We're not sure if they're able to distinguish their lies from reality any longer.
  3. Honour - Right. And let us present Exhibit A.
  4. Fidelity - You mean besides cheating on your pregnant 16 year old girlfriend while filming the encounter with a married woman? To many examples we could provide so let's move on.
  5. Discipline - Yes, and your online infighting is showing what a bang-up job you're doing there kiddos.
  6. Hospitality - Remember. Get your Hep A and B shots before entering any W.E.B. residence.
  7. Self Reliance - How many W.E.B. or Aryan Guard members are on some sort of social assistance again?
  8. Industriousness - How many W.E.B. or Aryan Guard members are gainfully employed again?
  9. Perseverance - Hey, a winner. They are persistent. No matter how much they make fools of themselves in public, they persist in acting like idiots. Good for you!

The fight has, to some extent, slipped onto the Aryan Guard forums as well:

However, dear readers, we have truly saved the best for last. To help our readers to play along, here is a partial list of the cast of characters:

14HailVictory88: John Marleau, an associate of the Aryan Guard, a person initially questioned in the pipebomb incident, and recently released from remand on bail after attacking both a C-Train operator and a police officer.
Genocide88: Robert Reitmeier, a founder of the Aryan Guard, later the rival offshoot W.E.B. Reitmeier has, in the past, been charged with attempted murder and was himself shot under what can only be considered suspicious circumstances.
pitbull.: Natalie S. Using her boyfriend's (McKee) Nexopia profile, Natalie is currently one of the remaining leaders of the Aryan Guard.
ms.animosity: A friend of the W.E.B. members.
14Hakenkreuz88: Based on the patch, an Aryan Guard member or supporter. We've some ideas who this person might be, but we won't publish the name until we're more certain.

Other individuals mentioned or alluded to include Kyle McKee, Tyler Sturrup, Dustyn Johnson, Carolyne Kwiatek (Sturrup's girlfriend and the woman Marleau was sweet on... until she left him and McKee is alleged to have tried to kill her and Tyler) Tim McVeigh (OKC bomber), and Travis Martel.

With that, ladies. Gentlemen. Enjoy the train wreck:

Nice to see that Marleau is willing to admit in public he's guilty of the crime he's accused of.

McVeigh did what had to be done, eh John? We assume that you also mean the children in the day care had to die as well.

Ohhhhh!!!!! They're talking about us!!! US!!!!!

We feel all warm and fuzzy now!

As we go to publish, we've heard that Reitmeier might be back in jail. Would it surprise us? Not in the least.

Good day. Good day....


Anonymous said...

I can back that up, straight from one of the people Reitmeier lives with. He was in jail all of yesterday..no suprises there. Sh*t-for-brains just can't help himself...

Anonymous said...

WEB is so dumb.

Anonymous said...

Man, you could sell this to Fox or Global and make a TV series.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what Rob did this time.

Anonymous said...

Natalie has "never advocated killing anyone"?


Anonymous said...

This is just unbelievably pathetic. Don't these people have anything better to do than argue with over the internet about who is more 'hard as fuck'. The sad thing is that these scum bags ego's are probably getting bigger by the second. We should just let them be, because maybe left up to their own devices they'd just all kill each other. Since I don't think we will ever be that lucky I guess I'll just have to finish my letter to Kyle the POW (HAHAHAHA!!) And someone needs to tell Natalie that her attendance in college by no means makes her intelligent.

Anonymous said...

I can only wonder...
Can't imagine he'd be too impressed if he knew that one of his housemates was feeding ARC supporters info ;)
Seems like ratting people out is in the blood for these scum

ME said...

I'll bet my life theres photos or videos floating around of the ever delightful Reitmeier indulging in a little drug usage. Luckily for us, it's just a matter of time before it surfaces, seeing as it would appear there's a snake in the grass at W.E.B HQ.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is pathetic.
And some of you wonder why I left the Aryan Guard? The Aryan Guard has become just as bad as WEB, some reasons differ, but the general consensus is the same. This is just simply embarrassing. Give it a rest before you further bastardize the real movement and the names of those who once associated with you.

Anonymous said...

Lol i wonder is natalie is aware of kyles panhandling ways.

Anonymous said...

Not related, but FYI:


AuntieFa said...

Just for added effect, read this article while listening to the song Dirty Laundry.

Anonymous said...

John is out but on house arrest. Oh that is great.

Anonymous said...

did anyone else out there catch that someone in the messages is named mace windu? Now I don't know about you but wasnt that sam jackson who played him? Also isnt he non white?
Just thought I would add this


Anonymous said...

sorry Natalie, even idiots without any critical thinking skills have parents that pay for them to go to college...

let's see you actually get a job in the IT world. your boss will probably not be white. have fun!

Anonymous said...

Last comment is TOO DUMB!

BK. said...

@ last commenter

Macewindu is actually the screen name used by a delightful man of color that I happen to know. Keep in mind that this is from a Nexopia forum actually frequented by anti-racists. Only the posters that ARC identified prior to the screenshots are racists.

Anonymous said...

hahahahhahahaha! i had forgotten all about this! thanks for giving me a laugh! i love how jon completely denied what happened in court when i asked him. fucking idiot. i really hope i can make it to his next court date.

Anonymous said...

Hello, this is macewindu from nexopia and this all took place on my forum. I am a non-white and this forum was originally intended to be a place for members of the local hardcore music scene to discuss life in general. Sometimes we engage big john and his compatriots in discussions. Overall it is a generally fun time.

nos200 said...

Ah yes! We're sorry about that wacewindu. We had thought that most people would know enough that you were not to be included among the racists we decided to laugh at. You're good people.

We happen to enjoy your Nexopia exchanges with Marleau, Serafini, Reitmeier etal and look forward to more.

Anonymous said...

ms.animosity: Meghan Rose

She also enjoys listen to Leftover Crack and Dead Kennedys.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Animosity seems like a confused kid with no idea the kind of collective identity she's using to make up for a lack of self-esteem.