Thursday, May 22, 2008

Editorial: In a battle of wits, the Aryan Guard appears to be completely unarmed.

It would appear that at least one member of the Aryan Guard have taken an interest in our articles about them and has created a blog to counter our claims. Now we would normally let this slide, and in the future we don't plan on responding to what they write, but this was too good for us to let the opportunity pass us by. We will respond to the scant information the Aryan Guard member has posted on his blog point by point.

They [Aryan Guard] seem to have a stalker, no one special 200, who makes all sort of unsavory allegations about the group, notably allegations of criminality and violence.

It's not an allegation, it's a documented fact:

However, what this character is careful to avoid mentioning is that virtually every violent incident that the members of the group have been involved in has been defensive on their part. For example, an incident involving an AG member stabbing someone will be mentioned, but the fact that that AG member was defending himself from fifteen assailants at the time will be glossed over.

"Virtually" every incident? So is this an admission that at least some of the incidents of violence are initiated by Aryan Guard members? We honestly don't accept that much as being true. We assume the example he's referring to was the one involving Kyle McKee and Dallas Price. Well, here's a City of Calgary press release concerning the incident. In the press release, it said the two suspects fled with the rest of their group. Meaning that it wasn't exactly one against the world as was implied by the above justification for the stabbing incident.

no one special 200
also pokes and pries into the private lives of anyone they feel they can tie to the Aryan Guard, even prying into their bedrooms. Between his or her general lack of honesty, and willingness to engage in the sordid sensationalism of gossiping about private lives, no one special 200 pretty much eliminates any vestige of credibility that a serious opponent could conceivably muster.

Anyone we "feel" we can tie to the Aryan Guard? For goodness sake, Kyle McKee FOUNDED the Aryan Guard! Not very hard for us to make the connection there now, is it?

Previously I mentioned no one special 200’s allegations of violence on the part of the Aryan Guard.

Proven allegations we would add once again.

Now this slanderer has stated on his or her blog that AG members are ‘assaulting 7-11 customers’ in a certain Youtube movie. Not only did the three antagonists initiate the assault against the AG members, they never went into the store – the only 7-11 customers getting assaulted in the video ARE the AG members.

Our Aryan Guard friend might want to consider looking up what "slander" means in the dictionary. Besides, it isn't slander if the allegations made are accurate and documented.

It is interesting to note that the Aryan Guard consistently arranges for peaceful demonstrations, and the ARA and various other opposing groups that show up consistently seek to incite confrontation and violence.

Right. Because that Japanese immigrant sure was a threat to RN now wasn't she? (note that we went back and added this after the conviction took place).

No one special 200 also likes carrying on about AG members having criminal records. Considering how easy it is for the average citizen to accumulate a record simply from random minor offences, I think most community-minded folks would be a little more concerned with the ARA’s violent tendencies and murderous Communist ideologies.

Really? Is this really their argument. Let us restate what they're saying here:

"Yes, we have criminal records, but what average Canadian doesn't have a criminal record these days?"

Well, we don't. In fact, let's ask a few questions of the readers of this blog:

1. Who has ever been convicted of assault with a weapon?
2. Who has spent time in prison for possession of stolen goods?
3. Who has had their sentence increased because he or she escaped from prison?
4. Who has been charged with attempted murder? Who has spent time in jail as a result of those charges?
5. Who has attended a protest only to be picked up by the police on outstanding arrest warrants? Who here has left a protest after seeing a friend taken in by the police because you too had outstanding arrest warrants?

Could we go on? Sure, but I think we've made out point here.

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