Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Brief Open Letter To Connie Fournier of Free Dominion

Looks like we've come to the attention of Connie Fournier and the folks at Free Dominion due to our endorsement of Big City Liberal's blog and its analysis of the arguments made in the Lemire case.

Violent Far-left ARA Brownshirts endorse Big City Lib

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the ARA, here is an excerpt from an article I wrote about them a few months ago. Maybe we should offer $100 for a picture of the M.J. Murphy shaking their hands!

...and from a poster on Free Dominion referring to him or herself as "Red":

Connie I hope the Conservative Bloggers report ARA is endorsing Big C Lib, snicker and Kinsella calls us Neo Nazis and I'm not whiteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Irony, tiss wonderful.

Uhm, we're NOT the ARA.

We're not affiliated with the ARA in anyways, though if ARA members wish to visit our blog, they are more than welcome to peruse our writings, as are you Connie and any of your FemDom (oh, we meant FreeDom) participants. We do have a link to the ARA Toronto branch on our list of allied and useful web links, mainly because of the information people might glean from it regarding the far right movements based in Ontario.

We here at Anti-Racist CANADA (we know how similar "Action" and "Canada" sound to the semi-literate) come from all sides of the political spectrum. Well, okay that's not entirely true. We have a token conservative member who we like to call Sparky, but he has a pretty good sense of humour about it. But we all hold pretty moderate political positions. We all have normal, middle-class careers -- we're dentists, business people, truck drivers, and artists. We DON'T believe that using violence is an effective or ethical means of dealing with racism in our society. Never once have we suggested here on this blog, despite your unsubstantiated and quite libellous statement to the contrary, that we support violence. In fact most of us are pacifists, though we're still trying to convince Sparky that we shouldn't have sent troops to Afghanistan. We think he's starting to come around on that issue.

Finally unlike most members of the ARA that we're aware of, we quite like the police and feel that most perform the critical service of keeping our streets free of crime and are, in general, helpful.

Ohhhhhh, aren't we radicals!

Now Connie, considering that you're currently being sued for libel, one would think that you'd be far more careful about throwing accusations about without doing a bit of fact checking. However, we feel that just as racists have the right to their beliefs, as vile as those might be, and we have the right to expose those beliefs to public scrutiny, you have the right to be an ignorant wing-nut.

We await your public apology for mistaking Anti-Racist Canada with Anti-Racist Action. We await, but we shan't hold our breath.


Connie said...

Posted to the Free Dominion thread:

The Anti-Racist Canada blog has written an open letter to me explaining that they are not affiliated with Anti-Racist Action.

I'm sorry if what they say is true, but I am still a bit puzzled as to why they call themselves "Anti-Racist", and they have an "Anti-Racist Action - Toronto Chapter" link featured prominently on their blog if they don't want people to mistake them for ARA brownshirt thugs.

Seriously, guys...what would you say about us if our name was "freedom front" and we linked to the Aryan Nation? Branding is everything!

On the bright side, it looks like I'll only have to deal with some angry dentists and truck drivers, and not a maltov cocktail through my front window! That's good news!


noonespecial200 said...

Apology accepted, half-assed though it may be (though I honestly expected no-ass).