Monday, May 26, 2008

Paul Fromm is in favor of free speech. Unless it involves criticizing him

Paul Fromm styles himself as a free speech proponent. Others characterize him as a supporter of extreme ideologies such as those espoused by groups such as the Canadian Heritage Alliance, Northern Alliance, Aryan Guard, and other racist groups. Fromm's supporters also claim to uphold freedom of speech as a virtue.
Not surprisingly, their rhetoric doesn't always live up to it's promise.

Such is the case in a recent thread on Stormfront in the Canada section. In it, the participants argue discuss the best way to improve Fromm's Internet radio show that occurs nightly on Stormfront Radio. Having listened to the show, we suggest a new host because Fromm is just awful, but we're more interested in what John Beattie had to say:

Everyone is being ever so polite. The great one in question
[Paul Fromm] simply does not want anyone else to be heard, or notated, other than himself. Always was his way, and always will be his way. Gads I never thought others too would see this light of day. Pompous one man shows line pockets, but do not contribute one iota to saving our race. You can not drive a car with a license ending in 88, and wave the Union Jack at the same time, unless you are a huckster.

John Beattie has a bit of history with Fromm. Seems that Beattie was going to be testify that the Nazi Party he ran in the 1960s was as a result of him being manipulated by the Jews. Well, Beattie evidently didn't like being characterized as an easily duped idiot, so he didn't show up to testify, leaving Fromm to clumsily explain the snub. There's been some bad blood for some time since then, perhaps even before then.

Beattie's comments were left on the Stormfront thread in question for about two days. Then OdinPatrick, Canadian moderator on Stormfront found it and quickly removed the offending post. Given OdinPatrick's complaints about Richard Warman's efforts to bring people like him before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, efforts OP claim are aimed at stifling dissent and are an affront to democracy and individual freedom of conscience, opinion, and belief, we find this irony to be especially delicious.

So freedom of speech for all! Except on Stormfront where criticism of anyone in a position of authority is verboten.

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