Saturday, March 18, 2023

Neo-Nazi Kevin Goudreau is a Symptom of a Larger Problem

Those of you how have followed the blog for years know that Kevin Goudreau, a neo-Nazi active now for more than 30 years, has been covered on these pages mostly in the spirit of how he deserves to be treated.

As a joke whom even other right wing extremists who know him reject.

For example, here are some of his more recent attempts to present himself as a leader in the movement which he thinks make him appear tough and intimidating but which are in fact so cringe that even I am embarrassed for him:

I've strung together some of the YouTube short he has put out where he throws out cliché lines about being "based" and "red pilled" as well as his boilerplate "14 words" schtick.

I might also note that he has taken to couching his bigotry in religion which is sort of a new thing for him:

This one I kept separate as because receiving any advice from Kevin Goudreau about health matters is so deliciously ironic and hilarious.

But though he is a joke, Goudreau still represents a danger of sorts that needs to be taken seriously.

Certainly he is a danger to individuals. While he is ultimately a coward who only targets people who he perceives as being physically weaker than he is, he has a history of assault arrests as well as uttering threats:

He has also engaged in targeted harassment, most recently (at least to my knowledge) targeting a lesbian couple who lived in his apartment block:

Peterborough police charge neo-Nazi Kevin Goudreau in hate bias crime

Goudreau in fact has historically directed some of his most venomous hatred towards the LGBTQ community:

So then it shouldn't be at all surprising that Kevin Goudreau has jumped onto the anti-drag story time/anti-trans bandwagon as he attended a protest at a Peterborough library this morning:


The positive from this is that Goudreau and any other protesters were vastly outnumbered by the counter-protesters protecting the event, something that Kevin passively aggressively complained about (I combined the two video clips that he posted):

The most significant part of what appears to be Goudreau's nearly lone protest (aside from the very important fact that the good people of Peterborough continue to stand against hate) is the sign that Goudreau chose to create is directly inspired by one that was very recently used by other overt neo-Nazis in Australia in support of anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull (aka Posie Parker) who is currently on a speaking tour in that country:

Of note for this country, Keen-Minshull plans on coming to Canada to speak as well.

And while people like Goudreau alone might not be a concern, the same motivation can and likely will inspire more dangerous groups and individuals to engage in much more direct and potentially violent action as evidenced by Diagolon leader Jeremy MacKenzie's post today:

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network has a thread on this story as well:

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