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Sunday, May 03, 2020

Kevin Johnston is Masquerading as an Ex-Muslim Woman In America

We last saw Kevin Johnston begging for cash and trying to sell his graphic design services, just before he was sent to prison for allegedly threatening the Crown prosecutor in his hate crimes case.

Since Kevin Johnston was released from prison due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it seems he's using his new-found freedom to continue propagating hatred, this time posing as a woman named Mary in New York City. "Mary" purports to be an ex-Muslim, spreading the word that "Islam is evil."

The distinct Kevin Johnston graphic design "flare"

Yesterday, Twitter account @SouthEastARA replied to a now-deleted Tweet from the account, and soon after @anonymouscommie pointed out that it's being operated by Johnston:
Kevin didn't cover his tracks very well. A search of the previous replies to @ExMuslimMary show that they were, at the time, to @StarWarsValiant, an account that Johnston had under his own name. The website listed,, redirects to Johnston's Freedom Report website. 

An archive of the old @StarWarsValiant account
An archived tweet under @StarWarsValiant

Replies to @ExMuslimMary, previously @StarWarsValiant

The very first follower under @StarWarsValiant? Yep, another account of Johnston's:

Twitter isn't the only social platform he's operating under this false identity. 

Facebook, where "Mary's" friend list is a who's who of Canadian hatriots


Gab bio

Square Site, which he's using for donations

SubscribeStar, where he's charging for access to certain posts

One thing about Johnston that often gets overlooked due to his rampant hatred of Muslims is his hatred of women. It could be argued he hates women as much as Muslims. It's key to remember that hatred doesn't stop at one group, and Kevin's hatred doesn't stop at Muslims. 

Indigenous peoples: 

Black people: 

But, yes, Muslims too. Specifically his favourite topic, Rohingya Muslims

He'll take any excuse he can to use slurs: 

And makes hateful and defamatory statements about Muslims: 

It's unclear whether this behaviour is a breach of any release conditions, but one thing is clear - it doesn't matter how many charges he catches, or how much money he loses, Kevin Johnston just won't learn. 

Now that this is uncovered, it's possible his freedom is at an end. 


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