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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Fringe Mayoral Candidate and Son Charged With Inciting Hate

Milan Papez was a candidate for mayor in the 2013 Calgary Municipal election. To be fair, all the candidates who's last name wasn't Nenshi were steamrolled, however Papez finished dead last.

Perhaps one reason is because Papez was more commonly seen on the streets of Calgary looking like this....

.... and handing out flyers like these:

Well yesterday, in part as a result of his attacks on the Calgary Chinese community and some named individuals, Milan Papez was charged with inciting hate:

Milan Papez Charged: Former Calgary Mayoral Candidate Accused Of Inciting Hate Against Chinese Community

CP  |  By The Canadian Press Posted:   |  Updated: 02/01/2014 7:59 pm EST 
CALGARY - A former Calgary mayoral candidate has been charged with a hate crime.

Police say Milan Papez (MEE'-lan PAP'-ez) faces three counts of public incitement of hatred and one count of defamatory libel.

Police laid the charges after receiving complaints about a man carrying a sign with messages targeting two people and the Chinese community.

Papez, who is 72, has a website that shows a man holding a large cross-shaped sign covered in slogans.

The slogans include comments about Asians, Chinese, Jews, a Catholic bishop, political leaders and Alberta's human rights commission.

Papez finished last of nine candidates for mayor in last fall's Calgary municipal election with 492 votes.

Today, his son was also charged with the same crime.

There are cases in which a person who is charged with inciting hatred is a hardcore racist with a propensity for violence. There are other times when the person charged is a paranoid crank who is in desperate need of psychiatric medical care.

We suspect that this is likely a case of the latter rather than the former.

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