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What Does "Free Speech" Really Mean in Paul Fromm's World?

It's becoming increasingly common to find Paulie posting or "liking" images such as this on his Facebook profile:

We would note that the quote in the cartoon is
attributed to a man convicted of hiring a hitman
to murder his still credulous wife
so... stay classy.

It really has become impossible for Paulie to deny who and what he is about, but he still occasionally tries to promote himself as a "free speech" advocate. Paulie's antisemitism and his claim of being a free speech crusader have always intersected, but is involvement in a conference in Austin, Texas might be one of the most transparent examples of this relationship:

The conference, which appears to have been organized by a publication associated with Willis Carto (who has a very long history of involvement in far right and antisemitic organizations, of which Liberty Lobby and the IHR are the best known), has assembled a group of speakers who all seem to have at least one thing in common.

They aren't big fans of Jews.

Event co-host Texe Marrs provides further information about the conference on his website:

We'll deal with Marrs and Williamson in more detail in a moment, but we'll deal first with the other speakers who will be sharing the podium with Paulie.

Mark Dankof is a writer for, "The American Free Press" and correspondent for PressTV. He is a Lutheran minister (non practicing perhaps) who has run as a fringe candidate for senate in Texas. Dankof has quoted from the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" as if it is a legitimate document rather than a forgery and has also written gems such as this (among other things):

Jewish fingerprints are all over the homosexual rights movement in the US as well as internationally. Search this on Google and see if I’m not right, folks….Take a look at some of the things that David Duke has written about this, as well as some other people online, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

Phil Turney has written for "Veterans Today" (a conspiracy promoting website which called the Holocaust, "a fake" and who's financial editor stated on PressTV that the Sandy Hook tragedy was an Israeli, "revenge killing") that Israel is a, "vile arrogant Zionist little state"

Paul Topete, the lead singer of the "freedom" rock band Poker Face who has been associated with, "The American Free Press" since at least 2003 has written (and the spelling and punctuation errors are his):

I am always amazaed at how many roads lead back to one of the largest if not THEE largest scam ever played on humanity... Yes that right... the HOLOHAUX aka holocaust. 1985 and 1988 Ernst Zundel [Holocaust denier] DESTROYED the Myth known as the cult of holohauzianity. In a canadien court of law, Ernst zundel took on the biggest frauds in the SHOAH Industry, and showed them to be the frauds that they were. Names like Raoul Hilberg and Vrba. And several other parasites known to infest this worldly sham. Wake up people, You are being played for fools for you LACK KNOWLEDGE.

While some of our readers might not be familiar with the individuals briefly described above, we think those same readers might be more aware of the two that follow.

Bishop Richard Williamson is a Traditionalist Roman Catholic and formerly a member of the schismatic Society of Pius X who's members were excommunicated when the founder of the society ordained four bishops (among who included Williamson) without permission from Pope John Paul II. The as a member of the SSPX, Williamson was opposed to the reforms made during Vatican II and believed that the Church in Rome was apostate. To say he and the SSPX are old fashioned in their views concerning society would be a bit of an understatement. Williamson opposes women (whom he repeatedly calls girls) going to university, "wearing trousers", and believes in an authoritarian form of parenting; the movie, "The Sound of Music" is referred to as "soul rotting slush" and;

As for being a family film, by glorifying that romance which is essentially self-centred, The Sound of Music puts selfishness in the place of selflessness between husband and wife, and by putting friendliness and fun in the place of authority and rules, it invites disorder between parents and children. This is a new model family which in short order will be no family at all, its liberated members flying off in all different directions.

None of this is what got Williamson into trouble though.

A few years ago, there was a effort to bring the SSPX back into the Church. One of the results of this effort was the excommunication of the four bishops was lifted. Not long after, this particular gem was aired on Swiss television:

Williamson was ordered to recant and while he did initially he has continued to assert that the Holocaust didn't happen, using Fred Leuchter's incredibly flawed analysis as the basis for his claim. Long story short, for this and other reasons Williamson was expelled from the SSPX. Then again it's not as if his antisemitism should have been a surprise as the SSPX continues to refer to Jews as, "enemies of the Church" and as, "perfidious Jews" to this day. Even before the interview, Williamson has written and stated publicly that Jews wanted dominate the world, they were responsible for 9/11, and that the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" was an authentic document.

But really, how out there must your views be if you were kicked out of a ultra-conservative religious order which itself had been kicked out of a particularly conservative Christian denomination?

The last individual and co-host of the event, Texe Marrs, has a long history of promoting conspiracy theories related to Jews and has created a cottage industry selling books and videos detailing a "vast Jewish conspiracy" to dominate the world and denial of the Holocaust. His entire website appears to be used primarily for the promotion of his books and videos in particular as well as others he sells. Here is a selection but be warned, his antisemitism is a little subtle and might be hard to notice without a discerning eye:

Image includes some of the other books that one
could find being promoted on Marrs' website.
Sorry, did we write that his antisemitism was subtle? We meant it profoundly overt. We keep getting the meaning of those two words mixed up.

Marrs' online articles, which again seem more aimed at selling his books and videos, are no less subtle. A few article titles include:

Interestingly, Marrs is also anti-Catholic and has referred to past popes (and likely this one) as anti-Christ. That he is sharing the stage with someone purporting to be a Roma Catholic bishop might have been awkward is not for the fact Richard Williamson feels the same way about every pontiff since Vatican II.

So, when Paulie decides to spend a weekend with people's who's primary commonality is demonization of Jews and when he himself engages in the same rhetoric, he very well can't complain when he's called out on it.

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