Saturday, July 02, 2011

Paulie's Continual Cry For Attention. This Time Versus Tim Horton's

You all know the story of David and Goliath. It's a very rare situation where one would cheer for Goliath to crush David, but such is the case in Paulie's latest futile efforts.

If any of our dear readers have been watching Canadian television during the past 2 months, they would recognize this description of a recent Tim Horton's commercial. In it, two couples are driving to a vacation spot, but before they head off, the two men make plans that if they lose contact with each other, they will meet up at the next Tim Horton's they come to. Early on in the trip, and even though the two are clearly in each other's sights, the two pretend to lose contact with each other as an excuse to stop at Tim Horton's (hmmm, with the number of times we've mentioned them in this brief description, we feel they should send us money for promoting them).

In short, it's a standard, non-controversial, and quite frankly lazy and predictable commercial from the iconic Canadian coffee shop. Unless you're Paul Fromm (pictured to the left wearing a Black Sun t-shirt... not even trying anymore, eh Paulie?) who sees it as a nefarious plot to promote miscegenation:

Our favorite part is this:

“According to Statistics Canada, interracial couples made up 3%, or 452,000, of Canada's married or common-law couples in 2001 -- that's up 35% since 1991. But while the majority of respondents had no problem dealing with a taxi driver, doctor, supervisor or neighbour of another ethnicity, their response was markedly different when asked how they would feel if their child were to intermarry. Sixteen percent say it would depend on the race, and 9 % said they would react negatively.”

Uhm, 9% + 16% = 25%. So are we to presume then that 75% of Canadians appear to be okay with, or at worst are indifferent, to interracial relationships? Now, our math isn't too good, but that still seems to be a majority, though you have attempted to spin it as being otherwise.

Despite his poor math skills, Paulie isn't stupid (well, at least not as stupid as the sheep who still hang on his every word, which appears to be a shrinking number, fyi). He knows that his efforts will be ignored and that he has no power in convincing Tim Horton's to change their marketing. But then Tim Horton's really isn't his target audience:

Paulie can continue to look relevant and as if he's actually doing something for the, "White Nationalist" cause, without actually having to do anything at all. And his supporters will continue to eat it up, as further evidenced from the posts to his Facebook profile (including kudos from a man who pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography):

But hey, we would love to see Paulie publicly challenge Tim Horton's. We would absolutely love the show.

UPDATE 1: Paulie rallies the minions to do his bidding. 

We're sure that their complaints will be dealt with as appropriate.

UPDATE 2: Paulie has been able to recruit one person to engage his his futile endeavor. Unfortunately, thus far suffers in both quality as well as quantity:

UPDATE 3: As noted by one of the other ARC members, "[Fromm] left out a few other facts about mixed unions, though. The most recent stats are from 2006, not 2001, and they indicate that 4%, not 3% is interracial. And mixed couples had more education (1 in 3 with a University degree vs. 1 in 5 for others), lower unemployment and higher income than non-mixed unions."

Evidence for this can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Man, when you said "Black Sun," I thought you meant this:

Glad to hear it's something different.

Anonymous said...

is he wearing a fanny pack?!?!?!


Anonymous said...

This isn't all too relevant, but I find it comical how much of a stereotypical paedophile Kevin Strom appears to be. I mean really, you see this guy walking down the street in his white, Martha Stewart-esque sweater and oversized, wire frame glasses and your mind instantly jumps to paedophile.

Anonymous said...

Paul Fromm: All aboard the fail train...