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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Boneheads Fight the Law and the Law [Might] Win

First, we learned that yet another W.E.B. affiliated (perhaps formerly so) bonehead is in jail. Marcus Gamble (who turned 18 just a few days ago apparently) was in jail for unknown reasons. According to his girlfriend, he will be in remand until Thursday though he has a court hearing tomorrow (bail has been set at $600.00).

And then, there is this:

Former white supremacist an awful witness: Defence

By ,Edmonton Sun
First posted: Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A former white supremacist who is accusing a black Edmonton police officer of punching him while he was handcuffed is a liar and possibly the worst witness ever.

That’s what the lawyer representing the police officer on trial for assault said Tuesday during closing arguments.

“It is hard to imagine a worse witness than Mr. (David) Patton,” said defence lawyer Alex Pringle.

“You can’t believe a word this guy says when he is prepared to lie about major things in such a cavalier manner,” said Pringle, after detailing what he described as eight “major” inconsistencies in Patton’s testimony.

Those inconsistencies included Patton, 23, making up assaults that did not happen, accusing the officer on trial, Const. Frank Quaidoo, of things he did not do, and lying about a second black officer being involved, said Pringle.

“These are major lies, major lies that go right to the heart of this guy’s story,” said Pringle. “ My submission is there is ample doubt in this case and there is no other verdict than one of not guilty.”

Crown prosecutor Matt Dalidowicz conceded there are some issues with Patton’s credibility, but argued he was consistent in both his testimony and statements to police that he had been punched three times in the face by Quaidoo, 35, as he sat handcuffed in the back of a cop car.

“He remained steadfast that he was indeed assaulted by Const. Quaidoo,” said Dalidowicz.

As well, Dalidowicz said there is corroborating evidence from Edmonton police Const. Dennis Lewis, who testified he saw Quaidoo open up the rear door of the cruiser and lean in towards Patton and heard words being exchanged and the sounds “of someone being hit – fist on skin.”

The prosecutor also pointed out that Lewis testified he heard Quaidoo speaking in a “raised voice” and later saw redness on the face of Patton, whom he described as being cooperative just prior to the alleged assault.

A decision by the judge is slated for Wednesday.

On Monday, Patton testified the 2008 incident arose from him and a buddy going to Eastglen High School, 11430 68 St., to confront a guy who had hurt a friend’s girlfriend.

A school resource officer, Const. Terry Mishio, then came over and got into a scuffle with Patton’s buddy, Cory Royer, while arresting him and Patton went to help and ended up kicking Mishio “football-style” in the head.

A gym teacher restrained Patton until more police came and he was then handcuffed and placed in the back of a police cruiser. At that point, Patton testified Quaidoo opened the door and punched him three times in the face.

He said he suffered a chipped tooth and a black eye.

Under cross examination, Patton denied yelling and banging on the police car before Quaidoo came over and then trying to kick at the officer.

“No I didn’t,” he said. “I got into a fetal position.”

However, Patton agreed he lied to police about what had happened, including making up a story about being assaulted by two black police officers.

Patton also denied “having anything against black people,” but admitted that he used to be part of a white supremacist group four years ago.

The tattooed convict – who is currently serving a four-year prison term for kicking Mishio – also admitted he told a detective he had called Quaidoo a “nigger.”

As well, he admitted lying about Quaidoo hitting him with a car door at the north division police station and pointing a Taser at his testicles during a strip search in cells and agreed he was “trying to make the police look bad.”

Quaidoo elected not to testify in his own defence.

However, he did give testimony about the alleged assault when he took the witness stand at Patton’s Sept. 30 sentencing hearing, following Patton pleading guilty to assault causing bodily harm for kicking Mishio.

Quaidoo testified he delivered two closed-hand strikes to Patton’s head and one open-hand slap after Patton tried to kick him when he went to the cruiser he was being held in to stop him from banging and yelling.

Quaidoo admitted he was “angry” over Patton kicking Mishio, but denied that was why he went to the cruiser.

“Absolutely not,” he testified, adding the head strikes he hit Patton with consisted of “next to no force.”

The nine-year veteran also denied hitting Patton with the cruiser door or pointing his Taser at his testicles.

Court has heard Mishio was off work and underwent physiotherapy and other treatment at a brain injury facility for eight months due to the kick to his head from Patton.

Charges of assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest were dismissed against Royer when a judge ruled Mishio had let things get “personal” and went overboard.

We understand that our readers have varied opinions concerning the police, not all of which are.... how shall we put this?

Well, suffice it to say that the phrase "Police Officer" is often changed to represent a member of Sus scrofa domestica. But, we gotta tell ya, we don't think the prosecution has a very strong case on this one.

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Anonymous said...

June 12/2013 Marcus Gamble beat the living shit out of his Girlfriend. Send this A**Hole to JAIL........