Monday, April 18, 2011

Paulie Hits Election Roadbloack; Still #Winning

And we mean winning in the Charliest and Sheeniest way possible.

Paulie has been campaigning in Calgary for around a week now, though given he fell out of the airplane when it arrived in the city, the beginning of his efforts were not exactly auspicious. He received more bad news today:

Paul Fromm who is challenging Immigration Minister Jason Keeney [sic] in Calgary Southeast accuses outdoor sign giant @@@@@@ &&&&&&& ########## of discriminating against him and his immigration reform message..
Mr. Fromm approached the company twice to book space on some Calgary Transit buses to advertise his candidacy. “We were finalizing the artwork on April 4,” Fromm recounts, “when sales representative ******* ******* informed me: ‘ Our designer was in the process of creating your ad and was told by management that they cannot continue with this campaign as a result of our sensitive relationship with Calgary transit and them not allowing for any political campaigns on the transit system.’”
“I felt that this was discrimination because of my political message,” Fromm explains. “My message read ‘Protect Alberta Jobs; Fight Traffic Gridlock – FREEZE IMMIGRATION.’"
Mr. Fromm indicates he has discussed this discrimination with Western Block Party leader Douglas H,. Christie of Victoria. “We’re seriously considering legal action against @@@@@@ &&&&&&& ##########,” Mr. Fromm adds. 
We blocked out the name of the company that is the object of Paulie's hissy fit, but we did want to point out a few inconsistencies here.

First, doesn't the company in question have the right to serve whomever they wish? This is an argument that Paulie has used when he complains about anti-discrimination legislation which states that business can not discriminate based on attributes such as gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race. One would think that Paulie, were he being consistent, would celebrate this advertising company's stance to work with whomever they chose to work with. But then Paulie is a White, Anglo-Saxon male so he feels he should be granted an exemption here, we suppose.

Another inconsistency is found in his campaign slogan:
‘Protect Alberta Jobs; Fight Traffic Gridlock – FREEZE IMMIGRATION.’
We don't suppose that Paulie can see the irony here in that a guy from Mississagua, Ontario is claiming that he wants to protect Alberta jobs.

Really? You mean to say that there wasn't a good Alberta resident that could run in Calgary Southeast? Christie had to bring in a carpetbagger to try and wrest a job away from an Alberta resident?

Not that we have any love for Jason Kenney either, but Paulie's contention that he wants to save Alberta jobs even though he, a resident from another province, is trying to take work away from an Albertan is sort of funny. It is however worth noting that most of the 20,000 to 25,000 per year that move to Calgary come not from other countries, but from within Canada. We don't have the stats right in front of us, but if we were to make an educated guess, we suspect Calgary receives most of it's recently arrived residents from Saskatchewan, Ontario, BC and the Atlantic Provinces, and we would further suspect that most are of a whiter shade of pale. Certainly, many of Paulie's friends in the Aryan Guard/Blood & Honour/C18/ATB/Sleepaway Camp/Goonies/Mod Squad originated in Ontario. Does this mean Paulie wants to protect Alberta workers from people who originated in Ontario?

And then, of course, there is the inconsistency that a Western separatist party that complains about the dominance of Central Canadian politics and the need to slough off the federal government in Ottawa would then recruit a current resident of Mississauga, Ontario to run as a candidate in Calgary, Alberta (and one who, after the election, has no intention of remaining in Calgary).

Then again, given that we've never really believed that Western sovereignty was really the true goal of the Western Block Party so much as a means to promote an anti-immigrant message, perhaps this last point isn't all that inconsistent after all.

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