Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 20th

Ah, April 20. A day of joy shared by both Nazi fetishists and ganja enthusiasts, though the latter are far more fun to hang around with than the former.

It didn't take too long for some of the boneheads on Stormfront to ask if plans were being made to celebrate the biggest, bestest day ever on the Nazi social calendar:

Oh, his last day. How euphemistic. How politically correct.

Just cut to the chase. April 30, 1945 is the day Hitler blew his brains all over the couch because he was shaking in his lederhosen at the prospect of being captured by the Russians. Coward's way out. But we digress....

We've also been thinking about April 20th and like to think it's worth celebrating, but maybe not for the reasons some people think:

Hmmm, that was fun.

What? You boneheads disagree? No matter.

Wait until April 30.


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That is the best comment to put up?


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Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

To the above poster, "Cody":

Whilst I'm all against the scummy Nazis I'm this city, that's one hell of an accusation to be flinging around. There's nothing whatsoever to suggest the childish scrawlings on that wall had any connection, or relevance to that sad story.

Kurt Phillips said...

It is a hell of an accusation, but "Cody" here isn't the first person to make the suggestion. We're of the understanding that the police might be suspicious as well given what we've been told. We don't know if it has anything to do with the swazi on the wall, but apparently there might be other details which suggest a link.

Kurt Phillips said...

Removed Cody's message because it contained possible identifying details, but here is what was said originally:

"I follow your site guys rock!

Have a look at this article, and particularly the picture. I see a swastika amongst the angry graffiti. Do you see some sort of connection between this murder and the aryan nation?

Stay strong brothers and sisters!"