Sunday, October 11, 2009

Despite the Cold, Anti-fascist Rally Deemed a Success

And no one from the Aryan Guard or W.E.B. showed up. Seems that while they're really brave when it's dark and no one is watching, they get a little skittish in broad daylight.

Anti-racist activists rally against intimidation

Last Updated: 11th October 2009, 3:29am

CALGARY -- Sparked by what they called a recent incident of intimidation by the Aryan Guard, members of Anti-Racist Action Calgary rallied in the city's Bridgeland neighbourhood yesterday.

"We had a couple members out here who were putting up posters just alerting the community and they were approached by members of the Aryan Guard, had their pictures taken and then all the posters were ripped down," said Jason Devine, a spokesman for ARA Calgary.

"I don't believe (Aryan Guard members) were just per chance rolling through and happened to see all the posters."

Devine said he has personally been the victim of violent attacks by members of the Aryan Guard.

About a dozen members of ARA Calgary chanted anti-Nazi messages before marching yesterday. Despite the low number, Devine said he was happy with the turnout.

"It's kind of screwed up because we're on Thanksgiving and the weather is horrible," he said.

UPDATE: And the average, "White Nationalist" turnout when they call events?

People who live in glass houses.......

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Anonymous said...

the Aryan Guard, behaving like cowards!?! I'm utterly shocked (not). Who's going to save the poor, downtrodden white race?

I'm not the biggest fan of ARA but at least they got game!