Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 2009 Bits and Bites Part II: The "Fairness Fairy" Saga.... Continues?

We published an article concerning the revelation (snicker) that the "Fairness Fairy" was claiming to be a CHRC mole.... er.... whistleblower (snort). Jay Currie, Mr. Kathy Shaidle and the lost souless voids of FreeDom promptly published the information. Today, Stormfront moderator OdinPatrick followed suit:

We surmised that the, "Fairness Fairy" may, in fact, be Marc Lemire himself given that he used the pseudonym "Veritas-Canada" on Wikipedia and "FairnessFairy2" was a known sockpuppet of his that he also used to edit his own Wiki entry.

Well, the Fairness Fairy promised more revelations to prove that he was, in fact, a CHRC mole (damn, we mean whistleblower) that would be published on Saturday:

Nothing was forthcoming on Saturday (surprise, surprise) and today, when one goes to what was once the "Fairness Fairy" blog which had been active since 2006:

You get the feeling that the people who were all giddy about the thought that the "Fairness Fairy" being legit might be a bit deflated now? You get their hopes up, then no promised money shot.

And they wonder why most people consider them to be rubes.

And then there's the continuing saga of the "Nazi Dad" and "Nazi Mom" of Winnipeg. Well, "Nazi Mom" can't be bothered with this whole mess anymore so we suppose we're dealing mostly with "Nazi Dad" now. Guess what? Apparently "Nazi Dad" is actually a really good parent according to his lawyer:

Alright, so she doesn't actually say he's a good parent. We shouldn't put words in her mouth. However, we think you simply need to read the articles about the home life of these children while in the care of Adolf and Eva to see that perhaps Child and Family Services had more than a few reasons to act as they did.

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