Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Paul Fromm and His Neo-Nazi Body Guards

Earlier this week (September 21) in Kennsington, Maryland, a meeting of the Council of Conservative Citizens took place. For a brief background on this hate group in suits:

The roots of the CCC rest in white opposition to integration during the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. The group is a successor to the Citizens' Councils of America (originally configured as the White Citizens' Councils), an overtly racist organization formed in the 1950s in reaction to the Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education decision outlawing school segregation. Trumpeting the "Southern way of life," the CCA used a traditionalist rhetoric that appealed to better-mannered, more discreet racists; while the Klan burned crosses, the CCA relied on political and economic pressure. 
You'll notice when you click on the link that one of the extremists associated with the CoCC is none other than Canada's own Paul Fromm. Guess who was one of the keynote speakers?

Paulie did have a welcoming committee. A number of anti-racists protested his presence and the CoCC meeting itself. Our friends with the One Peoples' Project and Lady Liberty's Lamp covered the story (there is also a video included with the article):

Gotta love WUSA 9 in DC. It is not Council of Concerned Citizens that were the ones sponsoring a meeting with Canadian neo-Nazi Paul Fromm at a home in Kennsington, MD. It is the Council of Conservative Citizens! And those that came out to protest against it weren't just making "claims of racism" when they did. They showed it. We were there for the fun and excitement when a chapter of the CCC decided to hold this meeting on Monday, and the blog Lady Liberty's Lamp filed this report. We also have to show them love for the photos that are provided here. In other words, if the organizers thought they could just do something like this without someone saying something. They have been effectively dissuaded!
Lady Liberty's Lamp  
September 21, 2009, Kensington, MD- A protest of concerned anti-racist activists and neighbors gathered to protest and bring public awareness to a evening get together of the white collar racist organization Council of Conservative Citizens, or C of CC. At this white power soirée was scheduled to speak; Canadian neo-nazi activist Paul Fromm, who most recently organized a skinhead rally in Calgary that turned into a violent brawl between the neo-nazi gang Aryan Guard and local anti-fascists. In the Northeast, C of CC events are regularly cancelled or shut down by venues that are alerted to the true nature of the event that they are about to host; the C of CC either lies outright or otherwise conceals the true nature of their events. Due to this, tonight’s event was held at the home of owner of Peak Construction and Barnes Review contributor Mr. Peter Papaheraklis. 

Members of Mr. Papaheraklis’ middle-class, suburban neighborhood also turned out to voice their opposition to this event. Most notable was the presence of three members of the violent neo-nazi skinhead gang Maryland State Skinheads. Also present was Stormfront contributer Wendy Murphy and a man who, after claiming the holocaust was a hoax and that communism is a Jewish plot, identified himself as a national socialist. Despite a spirited presence by protesters, no physical altercations occurred. 
Routinely hosting racist speakers and supporting racist events, the C of CC sparks protests wherever it goes. Last year, the C of CC sponsored a speaking tour by notorious holocaust denier David Irving. The group also maintains associations with David Duke, Jared Taylor– whose American Renaissance group is listed as a terrorist organization by the state of Virginia. What separates the C of CC from other run-of-the-mill hate groups is their close associations with mainstream politics. Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour spoke at a C of CC rally, former Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi spoke at C of CC events five times and numerous other mainstream political figures from other states have attended or spoken at C of CC events. 
Chalk this up as yet another C of CC event that didn’t go off without a hitch.
So Paulie spoke at a meeting that included not only the racists in suits, but also at least three violent members of a bonehead gang and a Stormfront regular. Quite the company he keeps, hey?

But these aren't all.

Paulie mentions the meeting on his Facebook profile, crowning that, "the censors" didn't shut them down:

NA bodyguards? If this were Canada, we'd suggest these four individuals were members of the Northern Alliance. States side, we'd be referring to the now moribund neo-Nazi group the National Alliance:
Crime and Punishment 
Although the National Alliance under Erich Gliebe is smaller, has far less money and is dramatically less effective in promoting racist ideology, there is growing evidence the group is nevertheless attracting an increasingly volatile and violent criminal class into its ranks.  
Since the July 2002 death of Alliance founder and longtime leader William Pierce, Alliance members and former members have been charged with a number of serious violent crimes, including kidnapping, armed robbery, aggravated assault and at least seven murders. They include:
Jason McGhee
  • A former National Alliance headquarters staff employee, Jason Samuel McGhee, who's awaiting trial for the 2006 shooting and stabbing murders of four young people in Georgia. If convicted, McGhee would face the death penalty. (McGhee and another Alliance member had previously been arrested for shouting racist slurs and firing guns in front of a school bus full of Latino children in September 2001.)
  • National Alliance Maryland state coordinator Craig Jackson, who in late 2002 was charged with smuggling contraband into a state prison where he worked as a guard. In February 2003, Jackson crashed his truck into a tree while driving to a plea hearing. He died almost instantly. Police investigators at the scene noted the absence of skid marks and said there was no explanation for the crash, leading to speculation that Jackson may have caused his own death to avoid prison. If so, he wasn't the only senior NA member to die by his own hand. In October 2003, NA compound security guard Kenneth Springer, 23, shot and killed himself with one of William Pierce's handguns.
  • National Alliance Georgia state coordinator Chester James Doles, who was sentenced to federal prison on weapons charges in March 2004.
  • Another former NA staff employee, Thomas Martin, who was arrested by the FBI in 2007 and charged with kidnapping and robbing several Florida drug dealers. Officials say Martin and an accomplice posed as police officers in the robberies. They're awaiting trial in Orlando.
  • NA Florida unit member and Army Special Forces soldier David Kellerman, who was indicted in October 2006 after allegedly attempting to smuggle automatic weapons and a large amount of explosives into the U.S. from Afghanistan.
  • NA New York state organizer James Leshkevich, who beat and strangled his wife to death before hanging himself in his garage in 2007.
  • Former NA Media Director Kevin Alfred Strom, who was convicted of possession of child pornography and sentenced to federal prison in April 2008.
  • Former NA chairman Shaun A. Walker, who's serving a seven-year federal prison term for targeting and assaulting minorities in Salt Lake City along with that city's NA unit leader, Travis D. Massey, who's serving four-and-a-half years for the same offenses. Among other crimes, Walker, Massey and a third NA member dragged a Hispanic bartender outside and beat him unconscious after he ordered them to leave an establishment where they were distributing NA literature.
Associating with overt boneheads Paulie? Come on! Your aren't even trying to maintain that veneer of respectability now.


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