Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Christie to Represent One of the John Does

In a shocking (okay, not so shocking) move, Jason Bertucci (Faramir of the 8 Freedominion John Does) has now retained Doug Christie to act as his defence counsel in the libel action against him and the others.
So far FreeDom have retained a) Barbara Kulaszka, b) Doug Christie, and c) Lepage has hired some sole practitioner out of SK. Those are interesting choices in lawyers... We hope that Christie remains true to form and is as successful with Bertucci as he was with Fromm.
Bertucci's choice isn't that surprising given his earlier posting below:
Bertucci will apparently not be contesting being named when the John Doe x4 motion is heard Aug 20th and will file a defence as soon as he's formally served with the claim after that.


Anonymous said...

you need to fix the formatting

nos200 said...

We know. It went a bit wonky. We're trying to fix it but so far we're stymied.