Friday, July 24, 2009

More Making Fun of Boneheads

We're really don't understand why boneheads continue to subject themselves to the humiliation that results when they try to form coherent sentences. Yes, dear readers, it is time for yet another installment of "Illiterate Bonehead Theater."

This time we'd like to thank Rolang for writing the commentary on each of the bonehead messages that we received over the past month:

i personally think your a fucken idiot and you need to get a life and stop talking about eric like that yu fucken pieces of shyt what yur gunna "try " and stop everyone from being racist people have there own way of dealing with things and your little fucken crew or whatever you wanna call it aint gunna change a difference in this world so really you need to get a fucken life all of you cunts what you do sit infront of a computer and wire your little fucken comments as if people are really gunna sit there a listen to you you have no fucken life so get over it and suck a dick

We were going to try to respond to this but we got distracted by your mastery of the run-on sentence and gratuitous use of the word "fucken". But evidently even you didn't think you got the point across effectively and decided to try again:

what is wrong with you fags what do you do sit there and write comments about people as if your comments are really going to change a person you people need to grow up and stop talking bout eric like that really what are you going to do .. hes racists so what .. so are half this world and do you plan to stop people out in this world... its a world of hate as if black people dont hate on us too it goes both ways and if he dont like black people thats his thing not your problem .// so get a life this is so stupid omggg hahahaha

We appreciate your attempt to use punctuation this time, although we'll have to consult Strunk & White to determine if that's the proper placement of ".//".

You guys have way too much time on your hands. Just because you got A's in gr. 8 spelling bees doesn't change the fact that you are all keyboard kommandos. We walk around Toronto without fear and I've never in my experience ever been approached by any "antifas". Unless of course there were at least 10 and I was alone.

You walk around Toronto without fear because your existence is absolutely irrelevant to the 2.5 million people who live there, minus maybe 6 or 7 of your buddies. We actually feel kind of sorry for you. You live in Toronto. One of the world's most multicultural cities. A city with the official motto "Diversity Our Strength". It must just kill you to have to walk around every day and bear witness to the rampant cultural and ethnic diversity, the flagrant disregard for racism and exclusion.

And the race mixing - oh, the race mixing! Italians getting it on with Chinese. South Asians bumping uglies with Jamaicans. Kenyans knocking boots with Swedes. All day, every day. It must be too much for you to bear.

Our point is, we ridicule you because it's fun for us. Frankly, we assumed you had a sense of your own unimportance and would be grateful for the attention.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen. We're here all week. Try the buffet and remember to tip your waitress or waiter.


zer0 said...

The "spelling abilities" of the people who write angry letters to this site amuses me greatly. I previously thought Francis E. Dec was the only person with an equally poor sense of grammar and punctuation. I guess I was wrong. The letter in the article looks like it was written by a twelve year-old. An ANGRY twelve year-old. Now that's sheer comedy, right there.

It also amuses me to no end that you guys have apparently actually heard of Francis E. Dec, Esquire (as visible in this post). I previously found my way here via a google search on Dec and it really made me chuckle that you're familiar with him. I'm equally glad you can apparently also understand and appreciate the humor contained in his rants, which I must admit is similar to that contained in the letter published in this post. Perhaps said letter's author also percieves himself to be the repeat target-victim of the Gangster Government's gangsterization and undetectable extermination attempts (of him)?

Oh well, have a good day and all that jazz!

TorontoSHARP said...

you made redwatch again... and now you are famous lol

Anonymous said...

ARC Collective this posting made my week!! Keep up the excellent work...I for one think you are tremendously skilled in dealing with racist "shyt" and "fucken" awesome!

Anonymous said...

Very good response ARC Collective...thank you for the laugh! These racists keep revealing their ignorance and utter lack of intelligence just by being themselves. At least it makes them easy to spot.