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Friday, December 12, 2008

Don't @#$% With Richard Warman: Part II

As we mentioned earlier this week, Fromm's appeal of a November 2007 ruling that he had libeled Richard Warman was thrown out of court with an additional costs of $10,000 on top of the $30,000 in court costs. The reasoning for the decision appears to be as follows:

- The material in question was clearly capable of being defamatory
- The trial judge found that they were in fact defamatory
- There is no basis for us [the appeals court] to interfere with trial judge's findings
- In the material it is impossible to distinguish between fact vs. opinion (one of the pre-conditions for the defence in libel cases of 'fair comment' that they were trying to advance)
- Justice Metivier's finding of malice on the part of Fromm/CAFE was soundly based in the evidence and there is no basis to interfere with it
- Thus the appeal must fail

The ruling has resulted in the expected lament of the racist right who post on Stormfront. It has also garnered the attention of the fine folks at FreeDominion. Let's see if our dear readers can pinpoint when Connie Fournier, who along with her Mark is being sued for libel as well by Mr. Warman, has a "holy shit we're so screwed" epiphany:

The resulting defeat of Paul Fromm and the realization that FreeDom and the Fourniers may also suffer a very similar fate prompted a few of the FreeDom denizens to post both subtle (like an anvil upside the head) and overt threats or fantasies about committing violence against Mr. Warman. Among those posting such rhetoric is Ed Kennedy, who is no stranger to such over the top calls for violence, as well as overt racism:

And people wonder why FreeDominion is considered in many circles to be on the fringes of political discourse.

In other news, US federal grand jury has now indicted White on 7 federal charges including one relating to his death threats against Mr. Warman. Below is a link to a copy of the indictment
(Mr. Warman is the mysterious 'Cdn. attorney RW'):

United States of America v. William White

Of course, the likes of Levant didn't believe that White actually existed and that he was merely a construct by Mr. Warman or someone with the CHRC, all this in spite of the fact that White was making news as early as 1998 which was well before Mr. Warman's work began.


Anonymous said...

The deadbeat loser Fromm is immediately begging for money on the Stormfront Canada forums LOOOOL!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like FD has deleted the thread on Fromm. Any idea why?

Nosferatu200 said...

Yes we do, and we explain why in our December 25 article.