Sunday, November 20, 2022

A Look Back at Diagolon and the Ottawa Occupation: A Teaser

I have an article that I'll be working on focused on the events in Ottawa during the "Trucker Convoy" of which there were few actual truckers participating. Those who follow/followed me on Twitter will remember that I wrote extensively about the event while it was ongoing from the start to finish.

The tweet posted above highlights the days and weeks of tweets that I made covering the story at the time.

I also created two other threads more recently touching on Pat King's claims made during the Ottawa Occupation that he made during his appearance before the Public Order Emergency Commission hearing:
However, I thought that I would also focus on another group who was there as well by providing another timeline:

Jeremy Mackenzie also spoke at the POEC hearings from Saskatoon where he is currently incarcerated on weapons and other charges. However during is time before the Commission Mackenzie spent a great length of his time talking about the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, suggesting among other things that CAHN has fabricated a lot of the incidents that have been published in part to justify government funding (as a board member I will assure readers that aside from a one time grant of some $250,000 or $260,000, CAHN has not received government funding as of the writing of this post). My name was also dropped a few times for reasons that I may discuss at a future date. 

That Diagolon members participated in the events in Ottawa is a fact. 

However, the participation of Diagolon in Coutts, AB has been called into question by some despite, you know, all the actual evidence that Diagolon was in Coutts and one of the members has been implicated in a serious plot:

So when I actually get to the time line, it will include a discussion of "Sly Fox" and an early indication that at least some in Diagolon might have been more aware of what was going on than has been claimed.

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