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Sunday, September 06, 2020

More Overt Racism In Calgary Soldiers of Odin Chapter

On August 29 two rallies took place in the city of Calgary. One was a BLM/Defund the Police rally at city hall which, despite attempts to harass and antagonize the participants by Jeff Clayton, Proud Boys, members of the tiny (and ridiculously named) Woke Onez Rebellion, and others, went off without a hitch.

Elsewhere in the city the local contingent of Yellow Vesters held their weekly rally which has over the course of several months morphed into what is for all intents and purposes a QAnon and anti-mask rally flavoured with an unhealthy dose of anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Among this group were members of the Calgary and Central Alberta chapters of the Soldiers of Odin.

As a brief aside I have never really understood why groups like the SoO, Northern Guard, Urban Infidels, or any of the other quasi-biker, anti-immigrant, militias think they look cool being photographed from behind like this. These photos always make them look like they have inadvertently stumbled across something that has totally befuddled them.

See what I mean? Sean Telford (Central Alberta SoO leader) here probably believes he looks like a sentinel, stoically standing on guard against threats both foreign and domestic.

I see someone who is confused as to why there is a body of water in front of him.

Or perhaps someone who is just bewildered by the CONCEPT of water in which case, as it can exist as a solid, liquid, and gas, fair point.

We haven't written much about the SoO since the departure of our blog's founder in January mainly because it really is spent force. Most of the former SoO members appear to have found themselves drifting into other similar leather vest fetish groups, the most significant being the Northern Guard with a number of lesser groups containing a handful of members. Alberta however is sort of a special case as the SoO out of Calgary and Central Alberta (Red Deer) are still quite active.

Confused by windows and LED lights?
Perplexed by windows and LED lights?

As such we thought we would take a quick look at some of the key figures in the Calgary and Central Alberta groups to determine if they are indeed the civic-minded folk they claim they are.

The original president of the Calgary chapter of the SoO was this fella.

Given that the SoO had been founded by an overt Finnish neo-Nazi and the Calgary chapter confirmed their allegiance to the Finnish mother chapter what was learned about Dale Caldwell from a quick look at both his Facebook and original VK profiles wasn't in the least surprising.

Suffice it to say he isn't a fan of ARC.

Caldwell doesn't appear to be especially active with the SoO these days so his status as the leader is up in their air, however he appears to be friendly with current members of the gang including the then vice-president and seemingly current defacto leader of the gang Terry Lefranc.

Lefranc too has a VK profile where he is much more overt in his beliefs.

Another member of the Calgary SoO is Daniel Loree.

Stupefied by fences.
Stumped by mountains.
Discombobulated by urinals
Loree with former SoO members, now Urban Infidels, Steven Lane and Al Bitz

He too is much more open on VK.

Now we've made a point of highlighting the VK groups that these three are members of. For example Loree is a member of this group.

Really subtle.

All three men are members of this group.

There is a fourth member of the Calgary SoO who should also be mentioned here, though it looks like she is moving to Edmonton (if she isn't there already).

Flummoxed by small crowds.

Puzzled by still ponds.

I could go on all day.

Sheila is Terry Lefranc's partner, or rather she was his partner. At least that is our reading of her posts.

A few years ago she posted the following missive complaining about people who believe the SoO and, by extension, herself is a racist group (which, by the way, it clearly is).

She too has a VK profile and, while not as overt as Caldwell, Lefranc, and Loree, is still telling.

The Canadian Nationalists group which is now defunct was a project of Kevin Goudreau.

As for the NPD, that's this German political party.

Germany’s National Democratic Party (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands or NPD) is a far-right political party that advocates racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-Muslim views. According to the German intelligence service, the NPD rejects the concept of liberal democracy. The NPD is hostile towards both the United States and Israel. The party is opposed to multiculturalism and is concerned about the “foreign infiltration” (Überfremdung) of Germany, namely the perceived Americanization and Islamization of German society. The NPD considers the presence of immigrants in Germany—regardless of whether they hold German citizenship—to be an attack on the German ethnic community (Volksgemeinschaft) and advocates deporting immigrants to their respective countries of origin.

Now in a future article we'll be looking at other chapters of the SoO in Alberta, but we think we've managed to do a good job framing the group so we'll save all that for later.

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