Monday, July 17, 2017

July 2017 Bits and Bites Part II: Solomon and WCAI Spy on Mosques and Brazau JDP Persona Non Grata

First a fun fact. Did you know that in the history of Canada there has NEVER been a forest fire? It's true. At least not until the arrival of Muslims and NDP governments, of course:

Yep, the brain trust that is Devon Mannix, the president of the Alberta chapter of the Cultural Action Party of Canada.

Sigh.... just sigh.


Some of what I'm about to write about comes from mid to late June and there will most likely be things that come up in July before this article self-published, but meh! I'm on vacation.

Joey DeLuca of the WCAI has continued to attempt to rationalize the failure of the June 24 June 25 MEGA Patriot Unity Rally in the most hilarious of ways:

It is like he strung every possible cliche he could think of together to try and sound important.

"Shakes the establishment to its very core...." eh?

"Your greatness will silence them all" hmmmm?

And by the way, it is a myth that Europeans thought the Earth was flat. The concern about a westward voyage to Asia was that (a) the distance was too great and that the sailors would die of thirst and hunger before reaching land and (b) that the winds would make a return voyage difficult. And Columbus didn't "discover" America because he was looking for it as Joey seems to imply; thank goodness it was there for his crew's sake since they WOULD have died before reaching the shores of Japan had a massive continent not been between Asia and Europe.... though it certainly wasn't good for the people who Columbus met who had occupied that continent for at least 20,000 - 25,000 years.

But I digress....

Still, the WCAI and their new friend Sandra Solomon have been busy. And by busy I mean making further fools of themselves:

Yep, that is Solomon and Jesse Wielenga "disguised" in order to do undercover work in a Calgary mosque.


You know, I can't help but notice that there's no footage from inside the mosque which suggests to me that they either were caught right away or they didn't get the damning footage of ISIS training or "Death to the Infidels!" chanting they were hoping for.

Still, kind of a dick move and one that was evidently pretty transparent:

We certainly aren't the only ones to have noticed this either.

Also in Calgary, the Ottawa and area Proud Boy contingent were still hanging around making minor nuisances of themselves:

Actually I'll remind Joey once again that he was defeated, and quite handily, on June 25.

Massaad also decided to post what he seems to think is a horrible insult to beta cuck liberal snowflakes like me:

Ohhh, edgy.

Still, one can't help but wonder about his use of Christian iconography (and I assume the presence of Miss Deus Vult 2017 Faith Goldy) as an insult when this is, at least at the time of the writing of this article, his profile banner:

For those unfamiliar with Burzum, it is a Norwegian black metal band fronted by the sole member Varg Vikernes, a self-identified National Socialist (that's a Nazi for those not in the know) who was sentenced to 21 years in prison for the murder of another Norwegian Black Metal performer as well as for the burning of at least three Christian churches:

But hey, Muslims right?

Moving east to Ontario, we find this little nugget. It is an "enemies list" compiled by the Jewish Defense League:

Now while most of the people on the JDL list aren't all that surprising -- journalists considered to be left-wing, Muslim activist, and anti-fascist protesters -- the bottom middle does stand out.

Looks like Eric Brazau, who was involved in a fight with fellow Islamophobe Ronny Cameron, has overstayed his welcome.

Which begs the question, what of Ron Banerjee?

Banerjee has ingratiated himself to the JDL for years, however he is also been working with Brazau for almost as long. And goodness knows Banerjee is no fan of Cameron (or Sandra Solomon for that matter):

Looks like Banerjee, despite recently claiming to a friend of ARC that the JDL and Cameron were on the outs, is on the outside looking in, a reality exemplified by this attempted protest outside an Legion hall:


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