Sunday, March 12, 2017

Aftermath of Anti-Muslim Rallies on March 4

We spent much of the day compiling reports about the protests that took place in a number of cities across the country. In the vast majority of the cases, anti-Muslim protesters were outnumbered considerably by counter protesters who favored M-103. In some cases the anti-Muslim protesters decided to leave when they noticed the space had been taken earlier by the counter protesters.

So, all this means that, at least in the mind of Kevin Goudreau, the protests were a wild success with no opposition to be found:

Sort of makes one wonder if the Goudreau actually participated or, perish the thought, was again all talk and no action....

To be fair though, at least he was honest about exactly what the protests were truly about.

This writer made a point of looking at the various anti-Muslim social media sites currently active online to see what the reaction to the protests would be. For example, WCAI Canada promoted the event on it's page:

And if the attitude of those posting on this thread were not clear enough about what their real views are, here's another short little excerpt we found:

Not exactly subtle.

There were more posts like these on PEGIDA Canada, Canadians United 4 Canada, Canadians Against Justin Trudeau, III% Canada, and all the others, all equally enlightening.

Since criticism of M103 from the Conservative Party was based on what they claimed to be the obscure and vague notion of what Islamophobia actually means, I decided to focus on a few of the personalities who attended one of the anti-Muslim events or who were heavily involved in promoting it.

Dale from Saskatchewan promoted the event on his page and provides insight into his views about democracy and freedom. The counter protesters were exercising their rights to oppose the anti-Muslim protesters and did so in a non-violent manner. But as is the case of most of the folks we look at here, freedom really only applies to themselves.

By the way, MJohn Hayes should be familiar to our readers as the now former head of the Oxbow, Saskatchewan chapter of the Soldiers of Odin:

MJohn has also been fixated on M-103:

Our readers will also know as the brother of a man who was, not too long ago, convicted and sentenced for uttering threats towards Prime Minister Trudeau.

Looks like the brothers have that in common as well:

It is interesting that a number of the people who either attended an anti-Muslim event on March 4 or who promoted an event in their city....

....really like throwing the word "traitor" around:

Which sort of makes the desire for Donald Trump to invade Canada and remove a democratically elected government somewhat ironic, though we all can't expect them to understand why this is ironic:

Another fella who throws around "traitor" are these guys:

Jesse doesn't believe racism is a real thing, though he does seem to know the lingo:

Also not a fan of being called a racist is Lynn Redden, a prominent and vocal member of the Toronto anti-Muslim protest as well as the protest outside the Toronto-area mosque in February:

It's a claim that one calls into question when one reads these other posts, one of which is overtly racist and antisemitic:

Lynn commented on the march but seems to be of two thoughts. First embarrassed that there were not more participants and calling out those who didn't attend as cowards, followed by declaring the protest to have been a total victory for their side:

She also is one of a number of anti-Muslim protesters who see dangers everywhere and believe that they need to be armed to the teeth, despite living in one of the safest countries on the planet:

Which brings us to another person with links to the Toronto anti-Muslim protest, Arran Taylor.

Taylor, a former (he seems to be on the outs again) member and leader of the Ontario SoO didn't attend himself. Evidently his girlfriend, whom he bestowed the title, "shield maiden" upon, was a part of the SoO contingent who attended the events. Taylor of course styles himself as a viking and wasn't happy that there were counter-protesters who said mean things to his girlfriend:

So is this the kind of guy who should be armed?

Dude, you're not a viking.

You're an unemployed fat man who couldn't be bothered to attend a protest himself but has somehow found enough "courage" to make ultimately empty threats online.

We finish our look at some of the figures involved in the anti-Muslim protests held last weekend, directly and indirectly, with Wendy Latour of Halifax. She wasn't happy with the attendance of anti-Muslim protesters in that city either. That of course didn't lessen the passions of those who agree with her position, including those who urge for the killing of Muslims as well as the assassination of Prime Minister Trudeau.

No further comment is necessary when it comes to these posts:

If the Conservative Party members who plan to vote against M-103 are unsure what the definition of Islamophobia might be, I humbly offer the posts on this page as clear examples.

However, if that isn't enough, perhaps these found on PEGIDA Canada, III% Canada, Storm Alliance, Ron Banerjee, Stormfront, Lauren Southern and much of Rebel Media, and Brad Salzberg (head of the Cultural Action Party) in the wake of the murder of six men in Quebec by a supporter of Donald Trump and hater of Muslims will do the trick? These folks either deny the attack took place (false flag), claim it was carried out by Muslims despite all the apparent evidence, or celebrate the murders and desire more.

Then maybe that definition of Islamophobia will not be so nebulous any longer:

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